What lengths have you taken in trading
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Thread: What lengths have you taken in trading

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    I am in need of inspiration...

    I'm at the largest rut in my 30 year life along with also my dre of investing for a dwelling is within arms reach, but that reach is only slowly getting nearer.

    While I'm profitable, I'm not too, yet I am supremely confident in my abilities and the understanding that if I can dedie more of my time to analysis of trades that I might be quite successful.

    HOWEVER, I have a family, a spouse, kid and mortgage to look after and also the steady income of a rat-race job is the sole safety in fulfilling those needs.

    I'm on the verge though, of making a rash decision for more out of life and only quit my day job and dive head first into supporting my household with trading.

    What have YOU done in your life to take a chance on something - a risk you may say to better your life?

    How did you go about it, plan for it, and fulfill it?

    Since I said - I am after inspiration and would love some feel good,'it is possible to do it' stories, but maybe some facts checks may be needed?

    Thank you for listening...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thx for asking

    Well I have lately sold the house and my wife will probably be moving back to work - that the little fella is now 1 year-old

    What that gives me is:
    1) earnings to cover main expenses
    two ) savings to cover 6 months worth of expenditures (and more)

    So the plan would be to take 6 months to exchange'full time' with as little strain as possible. It gives me time to obtain another job if need be and prepare for that next step.

    Wish me luck
    good luck,
    now un r genuinely living

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    good Fortune,
    now u r truly living
    Excellent... now tell me Just How easy it is and Just How Powerful I will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Excellent... tell me how simple it is and how successful I'll be
    Hello Pipmyride, I've virtually identical anxieties and ideas as you had when you made your first post. Could you update about the situation please?
    Is it doable full time? Would you say you're a complete time trader now?
    Sorry for these queries, but you know how important it is sometimes to get that Excess motivation or rather a reality test or both

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