This thread is all about my approach to market analysis and powerful system development. I'm a computer scientist by training, started out at a market making firm in 2000 implementing then later growing versions, moved and then set out on my own in 2005. I'm equally, a discretionary and automated trader. I have a couple of fully automated versions and various gray-box versions (they are run at discretionary occasions with discretionary parameters), but 40 percent of my trading is still totally discretionary. These days, I mainly trade several of the index futures, a few Foreign Exchange pairs, and stocks.

Within my 10 years in the market, I've gathered a lot of experience and information, and the intention of this thread is to discuss a number of this. I've made a plogical outline of what I'd like to cover and will do if the thread reveals to be of interest to a folks. My first posts might be a bit rough around the edges as I formulate the way to approach writing about such things.

PS: If you've got any questions, please don't PM me and place directly in this thread so others may benefit also.