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    agreed with u, troi. I one never quit studying. Additionally, I learnt to be patience and simplify in my own trading... as we all know fx is even more complied than simply ma. Let all talk about experience to increase our trading and earn


    My main purpose on the boards would be to inspire inspire traders to keep pushing and continue studying. Challenge conventional thinking (think beyond the box consistently ).

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    Well, this sounds like an intriguing discovery afterward. Do you care to describe???
    All I can say is to think outside the box and follow the money!!!!

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    If everyone uses a particular tool to opt to get in and out of a transaction, then it becomes an important instrument

    if everyone would choose to long or short eurusd based on the price on corn, then the price of corn becomes an indior etc etc

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    We do follow price action through compare contrast of present to the past or potential future to the present, whatever all in a imaginary connection to the some stage /level to now or very instant past. In that sense everything seems lagging, beyond is no warrenty of future possible future amounts such as limits, trendline or inherent support-resistances as well as in that sense, can take one of just from many chances.

    Moving average is just one scientific connection trackings of this evolving gift so even discussing as lagging still a really good way to observe the price action,the less the tf the longer closer the present though beyond. In greater tf, yes, an individual may see a change long after it happened but lower tf sees it considerably earlier as started earlier before occur in greater one and can minimise any wrong doing concerning exit or entry.
    I am not any fan of moving average or some other indior especially or can do follow pa without any prejudice of these, but they certainly help in decision making in trading.

    See connection between different moving averages MTF_LWMA with amounts with potential ranges here used H1 tf compared with daily tf simple ma.

    Sorry another indior with this chart, TDSC, ignore to see.
    Expect that it be usefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All I will say is to think beyond the box and follow the money!!!!
    I'm not attempting to acquire a top workout....
    I'm interested in MAs and the way they apply to the way the market moves in progress. In reality, I hope my system well enough to trade it in a decent account. But I'm always looking for new ideas linked to MAs. So in the event that you have some wisdom to share I will happily listen. Otherwise, have fun with your trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am not attempting to get a top secret out....
    I am considering MAs and how they apply to how the market moves in advance. In fact, I hope my system well enough to exchange it in a good account. But I am always on the lookout for new ideas linked to MAs. Therefore, in the event that you have some wisdom I will listen. Have fun with your trading.
    What exactly is your system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote To gauge the change from one market condition to another, depending on price deviation from the moving average.
    I understand, your post is quite old. But would you be kind enough to inform me how that works? Can you believe a market to be ranging whenever your chosen MA crosses the decoration line?

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