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    Is anybody thinking of carrying a pre-news release position onto the usd/jpy, since it looks like no matter what we are going to acquire .25 and chance of .50? . . .so ideally must be a win-win situtaion.

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    Are we staying on this thread then??? Or going to the new thread which was begun on the new forum from the site?

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    Hey men

    Where did you proceed? , there are people who was after the forum at a pasive way, like me... however, another forum is death. Eventually I found this one... and now it's death too... lol!!! .

    Whatever decision have you created DON'T LET ME OUT PLS!!! .

    Greatest trading


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not you love it when it does this.... Attempting to flip again.... Well, I want to get some rest.... I will see you later.
    Hi Dove, I had been earnestly following your thread, it is wonderful the way you can get your pears to tag together following the trend, ching pips and having fun doing it. Know where the new thread is. I haven't had much luck in the forex world, your thread was an inspiration, as I can get to come up with a system of trading out of your endow knowledge of Pivot and trending platform.

    My email

    that I also must know where to go and the read article about the instruction on the best way best to establish the chart and that, so that I do not keeep asking for everything you have already discused in the other forum. That is if you do not mind me linking the new thread.

    Looking forward to hear from you or anybody else from the new thread/forum.

    Best Regards

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    I have lost touch with dove and want to combine with his new forum.

    If you hear anything, please let me know also.

    Dan ()

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    To the folks interest in this system show up ant that the pivots and enjoy the display, and treands tread reopening, it is going to be drinks and food but do not bring your dog, is inadequate room animal cruelty. My doughter have a dog too, and another doughter have two s but no, only come and sit in the sofa and silently attempt to learn something, thanks in advance for your involvement

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    Hi Guys,

    Will be learning and in just like everybody else bring it on....


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    Hey Carlos,

    Dove_Alliance refers to a email in the prior articles from 2007 - is that a document which still exists - maybe it clarifies that the method adheres to some extent? If that is something which could be submitted here now that would be great, Thanks...

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