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    We finally snagged a trader tax expert! We have arranged for Jim Crimmins of http://www.tradersaccounting.com/ to hosting this particular thread, where he'll feild your accounting and taxation questions. Please join me in welcoming him to the forum!

    Here's a breif bio on Jim:

    Jim Crimmins is the founder and President of Traders Accounting, a company in the fast growing market of specialized accounting. His responsibilities include establishing courses, lectures and Home study courses for small business entrepreneurs.

    Jim has become a nationally known speaker on taxation egies, entity structuring, and lifestyle change. He provides over 30 talks a year throughout America as well as talking in several chat rooms each month. He resides with his wife and life partner in the Phoenix area, near their six grandchildren.

    Jim earned his stripes in corporate America as an executive with several NYSE businesses, both as a controller, operations manager, and ultimately COO. After leaving corporate America he taught business principles in a Seattle college, then chose to practice what he preached and has started and managed four different profitable businesses in both Seattle and Phoenix. He and his wife own and manage rental property in the Phoenix market loion.

    Jim also worked with one of the greatest and well-known eduional associations of the stock market in this country where he became a master on entity structuring and developed a network of specialists in the trading world. He made the company to fill what he saw as a gap in the industry of specialized accounting services for the vast number of traders in the market by taking action and putting to focus his individual beliefs of hard work and business built on principle.

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    Thank You Jim!

    I have another question. . .can a trader as general venture entity (NOT limited partnership) select 1256 taxation?

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    You would likely need the LP or GP to generate the election. You have 75 days once you place this up. If you're thinking about setting one up, ensure that you have somebody that understands gambling and also setting up things take action for you, so it is going to pass muster if you're actually audited or become party to a lawsuit. Traders Accounting October 2, 2007, Jim Crimmins

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    Hello I am in california and although I am pretty new to forex is there anybody that could recommend someone here in california to discuss forex taxation but I havent made any money overall I would love to become serious about this any help would be appreciated!

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