How did you manage your windfall?
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Thread: How did you manage your windfall?

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    Hi everyone,
    this could be my first (edit) ribbon here and just wanted to seek some guie regarding achievement for a commodity trader.

    This is a soup question, (ref:'' Finding Forrester),

    I am pretty much sure thatforexintuitivegot some of the traders who were not born with a silver spoon and made it, finally. The question is how did you handle your achievement?

    Learning to induce, the strain turns to excitement to reckless driving, a wreck survived with few broken ribs then careful driving and finally boring every day ride to work. I think you know what I am speaking about.

    But today you've made it and those of you can afford that Aston Martin if you like.

    Unless one is born into a traditionally rich surroundings, where wealth is taken for granted and passed to next generation, managing riches is quite difficult, I figure. People changes with behaviour and mindset changes, sudden windfalls, eating habits and class everything changes. Many of these windfalls ends up on lavish spending or waste isn't known, by me!

    So this post is directed to all those of you who made it as a trader from modest background. Please share how you managed your own success.

    (No I am not imagining that you turned your $5k into million and thats why I didn't place it to the Beginner's forum.)

    This is a soup question because after blowing several accounts when it started to feel odd that my 3rd account lasted over 6 weeks, and following the first year that the odd feeling now really begins to frighten me a lot. Notably after I started ching myself about to press the self-sabotage market order, the ROI scares me of changes that are abrupt.

    Did you feel afraid of change? If how did you handle it?

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    As I mentioned, once your account develops above your plogical threshold it is very tough to control yourself from closing too early or getting too greedy.

    What I did for last one season is constructed an MS Excel document which inputs High Low of my setup My Current Account Balance My Entrance Exit Individual ROI of each tool Percent change of my positions The NET ROI is calculated by and in any given moment based on data feed from MT4 over DDE to Excel.

    NowI do not need to be concerned about the true amount irrespective of my account balance and profit quantity its all looks the same.


    PS: The photo is just a summary that there are around 12 sheets and over 9 weeks worth of work hours that went into this to bring out one worth... The NET ROI.

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    This was seen by me and I loved it. Does this apply to the discussion? Ehh

    The Pieces of green paper have value because everyone thinks they have value.

    -Milton Friedman

    This quote is so simple and represents common sense, yet quite deep to me. I like to think of all of the other strange things we believe are valuable as well. I think Jesus was on to something when he asked What exactly does a man profit is he gains the entire world, yet forfeits his soul? We have to leave everything behind, although yes cash brings a sense of security. When taller stand than we, is there something worth pursuing? Something we can't loose?

    Kind regards,

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