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    1)Inverse disposition at regular leverage, disposition and increased position size following sequences of two wins/losses
    The disposition effect is the trend for punters to continue to losing trades for longer than winning trades -- giving rise to the oft-quoted”cut your losers short, let your winners run”. Simple. So, presumably the losers do exactly the right? Wrong.
    The average punter does exactly what they are'supposed' to when trading. They cut losers short, and let winners. However, when they have two wins in...
    Very well written and said.
    This is the real reason for all looses, I have been there ( and sometimes still get myself there! ) And I know how true this part is.

    Retailers must learn to escape from charts and when watching charts, they need to learn how to handle their positions. It's the hardest skill to be learnt.
    Occasionally a bad winning trade starts all of the u put on a large sized trade and bingo u win. Loss and then u becomes painful to eliminate, we're gone and until it gets out of hand!

    Thank u for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    A bit regarding discipline, Mark Douglas and intuition
    , Porkpie, you picked up in my dislike of TITZ (Trading in the Zone, not tits). It is because of all the advice Ifollowed , or've ever read, this was the most useless.

    He's indeed blasé about finding a simple system with an edge, anybody would believe it was a doddle. He even goes as far to state simple systems are profitable if you follow the rules. Maybe I have missed a golden age of trading while using the very first hour of a London session for management could make you big bucks, or...
    I recall when I was about to read his novels, I read from the introduction he is not a trader but coach.
    Simply I dumbed the publiion and looked for another!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You won#8217;t even find this advertised by your broker. What percentage of time do you believe retailers (en masse) are winning more than they#8217;re shedding? Can you expect it to be similar across different pairs? To figure this out, I took 9 months of position data from Oanda, and split it into neutral (winners and losers around in equilibrium ), winning and losing.

    For the EURUSD, retailers spent 0.5% of the time in profit, 12 percent running at or close to b/e and 87.5% shedding. Wonderful work ? Ever get the impression that you #8217;re in the company? Seeking...
    I believe that you can include here that retailers like to see 4 pairs or even more in precisely the identical period and worse they attempt to handle all of the positions all in exactly the very same times too.
    I believe it is so much better to trade just one pair and to focus in order to understand its rhymes and personality.
    Now after fighting occasionally winning a pretty good streak then giving everything.
    I learnt that handling my positions and where to exit ( especially when I am in a losing trade) is the very important things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I remember when I was going to read his novels, I read in the introduction which he is not a trader but coach.
    Simply I dumbed the book and looked for a second!
    .... Composed by a forex billionaire? Or by the one who could coach?
    Tigerwood gets training lessons, do you know who's his coach? .... Me also do not know who that person is/

    ps. After spending many years learning forex, I was finally guided in the right direction by a mentor,....and that person is no Jesse Livermore but the one effective at identifying my limiting factor and knew precisely how to fix it.

    I really don't get a share of royalty out of no book of Mark Douglas but find it useful for retail trading just how I (and many others) take action. Everybody is different and therefore no one book is bad or good for everybody.

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    Trading is similar to wave, be cool awaiting the wave is come in don't think about profit but believing that the wave will coming....

    We beg is coming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading is like wave, be trendy awaiting the wave is come in don't believe about profit but thinking that the wave will coming....

    We pray is coming...
    and what praying must do with your trading?

    It's the same prayers that you may do if your loss is getting bigger!

    When the boat starts to sink, Don't pray, Just jump!

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