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    Is it just me, or am I the only one just a tiny bit tired of reading quotes such as these....

    In'Reminicences of a Stock Operator,' Jessie Livermoore said blah blah blah

    Steve Nison's'Candlestick Patterns' says blah blah blah

    William Eckart and Richard Dennis blah blah blah

    You're losing, man? Simply stick with the machine....

    , focus, and rules make a great trader.

    The listing is innumerable. They all add up to the same thing.... EXCUSES. Let's step back a moment and think about what is actually happening here. Calling each other bro on the threads isn't likely to enhance your outcomes. Nor is asking somebody else to create an EA for the latest flash in the moving average system.

    Forex is survival of the fittest, not survival of the neediest. When you have confidence in your own risk analysis, THAT's when you actually have a shot at earning any cash.

    You will find individuals that could badmouth this post. A FFers are always profiting, and therefore possess a right to contradict me. I get tired of people believing that successful trading is the end result of copying the thought processes of a few traders that became renowned and wrote books.

    In summary, very few have what it takes to succeed. Newbies, when you browseforexintuitivethreads, remember that the majority of individuals posting are unqualified, unedued, and honestly newbies themselves. 1KTers ought to be scrutinized in their directives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Despite I concur with in one way regarding his opinion, I might be glad to concur with him, in case a great portion of his posts contained more info about pratical trading.

    I am not saying nothing about your skills, think me man... I'm only saying that if you are good, its very hard to know based on what you write about live trades. I meanyou do not write nothing.


    How I agree with your main article, is indeed the unnecessary need of decreasing our heads to each and every person that claims to become an effective trader here in the forum when we would like to suceed.

    Actually its amazing that with all us understanding how hard is to find ppl to trust in this business, I wonder the reason why this genius insist each and every day that we should listen to ABCDEFGHIJKL.... In a forum and throw our brains away since they are gods. I believe that is too much for me to understand...

    What I mean, is that, in case there are really ppl who want to reveal to newbs that they need to stop and listen attentively, this teachers MUST stop refering to themselves like they had unreachable inteligence. This is what happens in these days, period.

    Threads and posts like, you will never suceed, you won't continue much, and above all... posts like you men aren't like US are completly useless contemplating their teaching value, so open your eyes to the reality and if you guys really want to instruct for the pleasure of instructing, stop bragging with uncountable posts like I live of the... I live of the....

    Make one guy be sucessful... and then let him create compliments about you... Thats the ideal way...

    In flip side, I disagree that we shouldn't listen to anybody.
    My personal path was studying lots of information on sites about theories, then seeing over 100 videos of live trades, then demonion trade, then live trade and then I discovered FF.

    I don't have any problem to say that I had a mentor at the beggining and still listen to this guy. I discovered that he's registered here in the forum but he wrote 5 posts in 1 year. (Of course. . He does not have enough time to waste here lol. 1 point for this man )

    I chose this guy since he followed tech analysis by the book (as we all know in the beggining in websites like investopedia). He never tried to call multi year reversals. 1 indior and not even utilized almost all of the times. He didn't attempted to ch decreasing knifes... he didn't attempted to ch rockets and cause them to return, he didn't utilized wierd fibos in wierd TFs, together with wierd MAs. He said sometimes... there's nothing this week will stay out for the upcoming times...

    I mean... ideal candle sentiment reading. Trend studying, serene, patience.... The extreme opposite of FF, also I am contemplating lots of ppl in the TRoom.

    And of course. . He posted many trades prior to happening...

    This is a good teacher... Good RAW analisys and outcomes. According to ACTUAL TIMES.

    Ppl who claim that we should ready 1 thousand old novels, are mistaken. And its why. Because when it came out numbers that are strange and if a single guy throwed a dice he would sell dollar his money with all ten decades ago. He would be rich by now and no one would know that he chose a sell because of a dice.

    Of course that can be an exagerated example but the point is that... the trends are so strong that many ppl got rich with a 50-50 probability. . Down or UP a couple of short years ago.

    What have I learned on FF? ZERO!!
    No one trades as we know. Every guy has his own way that he miraculously invented after 30 or 40 years being a taxi driver...

    Actually I reversed my learning curve with this forum in my 1 month here. What saved me, was me moving on vaions, and stopped reading this forum. When I got back, my brain resumed inteligent.

    Before many of you start to take this as offensive, please let me ask some thing, and give me a very clear awnser for this questions.

    First. Please tell me why doesn't anybody of the experienced traders intervene when another seasoned trader enters into a battle mode with a lot of ppl, and wind up becoming tottaly wrong, after the usage of the crucial words that I said earlier you will never suceed blah blah...

    Why don't we never find one guy saying, I am sorry X however I believe you are mistaken. How can it be possible to a single guy to 1 entire month saying this is going to reverse, including and incorporating on losing rankings and then after being 1000 pips wrong, this guy just abandoned the ribbon but keeps receiving aplause by senior members?

    How can it be possible to a single guy that claims to trade for over 1 decade to say something like long term trends do not matter... because lets face it... everyone here atforexintuitivetrades short term. This exact same guy tried to call at the conclusion of the GU trend because of the big drop in august...

    How come this guy claims to live of the... and never learned in over 10 years that trends reverse with failures... not since it fell to quickly for a correction.

    My second main issue is...! How can it be possible to pick. . Lets say... 10 J16 Price Action traders and half of them think in a triple digit percentage increase in 1 year, and the other half trading short term, deeply believe that its not possible to make over 10 percent?

    I know that its an old topic but... how? How can it be that ppl that trade together with egy and the exact same time frames can have goals.

    And to finish and most importantly, how can be possible that the exact same guy that states.... Hey... you do not know nothing about this... since you think that we can develop more than hedge funds, but the exact same guy says to another suposed seasoned trader.... Hello you are great Even knowing that this guy aims for 300% year for example...

    This is a lot of contradiction to keep in rancid water...

    This is what must change...! If one guy calls newb to another for planning to much... however claps a guy that have a target 30 times above his own. Something isn't perfect. One of them need to suck and how can anybody trust with this ailments. .

    Open your eyes...
    ....Imagine that this didn't exist....anywhere?

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