I have been trading now for 18 months and have established a fairly good track record over the past 7 months. I'm up 16.43% more than seven months time. (Because of forum, Jacko, James16 group, Peter Crowns, Mouteki, and Austrian Economic theory) That includes mistakes made using 5 percent per trade leverage in the beginning that I had to return using 1% per transaction leverage once I understood this was far too much risk. I incurred about a 5.75% drawdown because of that, and came back from that point. I have been in profit 6 from 7 months. So I really have a higher win percentage and greater risk/reward ratio than the record would appear to indie. I now use only 1% risk per transaction. Additionally, I realized this while long haul trucking 70 hours a week. My difficulty is that I do far better trading once I can devote my full attention to it, but I also will need to create a living. I have a few million in my account, but its not enough to trade for a living. What should I do? Is that good enough to get an job/internship in a bank or prop company? Are there any decent ones for trading currencies in Atlanta? Or should I try to raise money and start my own fund? I feel a little green for this. Any input from anyone with experience trading for a business or a dwelling would be appreciated. My equity and record curve are compiled and posted under in an excel sheet. . .also have the official documents. Thanks for any input.