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From the attached chart, I clicked on the Eurusd chart (on right side) and it becomes the active chart window. We can observe a number of changes in the color of the chart window tab but it isn't obvious. I wonder if it's possible to alter the color of active chart window to make it more clear to allow me to see easily that it's the active chart window?
Also, let say I click on another pair let state Audusd (top ), can it be feasible for the active window Audusd to change color automatically? And at precisely the exact same time for Eurusd to revert to its initial color automatically?

I need this because I monitor these pairs through news events, and after picking the desired pair by clicking on it, I will use a predefined hotkey to enter trades through mt4 script. The script will then operate on the chart.
Because news events occur very fast, it's possible that I clicked on the wrong pair. When the color of the active chart window is clear, at least I know instantly that I clicked on the wrong pair.

Thanks folks.