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Thread: Just for my reference

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    This thread is just for my reference. I will be posting setups, information, my thoughts and results up.

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    This pair is both political and greatest proxy to get Trumps chances. 2 places search for shorts based on perception of Trumps wavering opportunities.

    Lots of long bias USD/MXN nevertheless in market.

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    Another political transaction at the moment based on fees against their finance minister that ought to produce some doubt. Rand near being rated with this and Junk bond status would only add to this possibility.

    Merger finalized between InBev and SABmiller which helped strengthen the Rand last few weeks.


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    Potential area looking for shorts. Significant shift in market last couple weeks so cautious shorts potential.

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    Finest pure trade with carry for crude is Russian Ruble. On the lookout for setup on USD/RUB on retrace of crude to 45 - 40 area.

    Correlation to date CRUDE, Ruble and CAD. CAD disconnect.


    Short A/C but potential retest higher. Pursuing level and Crude searching for potential retrace. Risk still possible to upside unless SPX gets momentum to drawback.

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    Shorted SPX predied on pricing not getting throughout the deal with some volume. Wait to find out what it will at reduced range but also weakening the AUD.

    Increase in 10 years yields possible sign we might have market drop.

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    Short from over NC. Taken first goal profits and waiting for retrace to add.

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    Change in Opinion on NZD Represented in charts. Interesting area and may retest. 10 year yield increase wouldn't be assisting the NZD and a large outflow of carry could be taken of with reduction that is following. Interesting though is that the markets have dropped a reduction for November's prospect by 80 to 60% by RBNZ.

    Just for my own reference.

    Consumer shifts lower with potential peak of business cycle.

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    EURUSD. Waiting for pattern to split could indie a exchange for EURAUD.

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    For my reference CAD - AUD - NZD

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