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    Although I stated I do not trade commodity pairs any more, but it's interesting to see, maybe I can learn a thing or two.

    If awaiting absorption and growth on daily chart.
    AUD/USD require 5 days to return. CAD/USD need 3 times to return previous mispricing level.
    in order that they require a motive or right flow to reunite

    Next week a lot of reason.

    Take a peek:
    USD/CAD, The last bar is 17:00 Tickmill Live Server. Now's 18:00. Price go a bit more.
    I am not sure if I need something to add OIL or other pairs to tweak it.
    Let's wait until next Friday to determine if USD/CAD go up again?

    Next Tuesday is the day for AUD, Let's see whether it go back down after returning to previous level?

    Edit: 8 hours
    I may either choose wrong pairs or incorrect range (or both).

    I notice sometimes:
    Imagine if we could predict how much price goes?
    Like EUR/JPY up 0.2 percent, EUR/USD down 0.1 percent, of course USD/JPY will up 0.3 percent. We just need find the right range. Price usually extend 1.5 or 2.0 from Low to High (or Close to Open).

    Meet our friend USDCAD again, daily chart, it extends 1.5 and index is still inside range.

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    The two AUD/USD and CAD/USD dropped some pips back (as anticipated) while I'm away in their charts.

    AUD/USD fell:

    USD/CAD increased:

    RBA is forward in a few hours. Let us watch!

    Update: (5 GMT)
    AUD/USD drops to 0.75163 (tradingview.com's feed)
    RBA announcement: CUT RATES by 25bp [as anticipated lt;- 20 of 25 economists polled by Bloomberg expect a cut (origin: I read on forexlive.com)]

    (6:21 GMT)
    Because as anticipated so I believe they have cleared mispricing in Monday, and they bathe small traders out today, so price is able to move freely on Friday?

    Let us wait and watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That is a leap jump in my trading.
    , I am lied. That was just a large stone in first few actions. I was only a kid.

    This week I am truly grown. A little bit.

    As a result of giving attention too much tobalance-imbalance-mispricing*, I forget the big picture. I was off from the balance.
    I was stuck, a reduction slapped at my head. Read some posts, books and articles from farntreetblog again afterward everything become clear. (It can result in a different black tube )
    By maintaining a journal at a local document make me lazy to post here again. And it would be worthless because who cares?

    If you lose, I am the loudest who laugh at your face. I really want somebody trolls me or laugh at my face, therefore I have motivation to understand and develop quicker. Trading is a lonely road everything.

    Anyway, a great quote this week:
    what's missing - what everyone is missing - is that the unit of measure for progress isnt size, its own time. - Jeff Stibel

    Okay, enough for this week.

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    End this chapter to begin new one.

    Be back two weeks later to see if I am graduated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    HI Zelo!It is fine to see that who didn't stop trying. . Https://gyazo.com/3317e7edfe5dbb5d712979a467af0138 --you remember from where it?

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