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    Only made my own Trade Manager EA. It is cool.
    28K Demo down to 6K

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    Learn something new today. Look as though they keep orders queue? (Need to support)

    Demo 6K into 9,9K now.

    R = 1:1 to for pleasure,

    Look like they are generating imbalance at JPY at the moment. Due to BOC?
    Update (22 min later)

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    Just jot down thought .

    1. Think trading as a mission game where you have to make as many pips as possible.
    You only have 3 lives, 3% or more 30 percent of equilibrium. Each trade is 1% or 10%. Missing 3 trade is stopped trading. If you win, you can divide new equity into 3 percent or 30 percent again. If you lose, just stick to previous.
    2. Trade Survival is a contest of trade itself. (For someone trade basket pairs like me)
    When a trade reach defined-percent, shut 1 trade with lowest profit. That trade (current win) can start new place. Trade can't. Close all trades, when goal is reached by a trade.
    3. To prevent shooting at your self, make a Trade Management EA.

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    To-do this weekend
    Employ above thoughts. (Half done.)
    To-do following week
    Evaluation above idea.

    It have been 28 days since the very first post. I've learnt so much. Wow.
    With this journal, I may not come this way. I keep wonder and believing about my comprehension by submitting.
    This process is valuable. This is a jump jump in my trading.

    From today on, I'll post summary weekly.

    Special thanks to unknown4x, Unnamedplayr for money flow, mispricing theory and FX-Jay for innovative TZ concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    To-do this weekend Implement above ideas. (Half done.) Week Test above idea. It have been 28 days since the first article. I have learnt so much. Wow. I may not come this way. By submitting, I keep thinking and question concerning my comprehension. This practice is valuable. This is a jump jump in my trading. Each week from now on, I will post outline. Thanks to unknown4x, Unnamedplayr for money flow, mispricing FX-Jay and concept for TZ idea that is innovative.

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    This week overall is great.
    Intraday trading operate beautifully. Win-rate increase thanks to cash management.
    Long-term did not functions, imbalance turns into actual trend.
    *When a imbalance holds over 3 days, it may create a fad? *Money from commodity currencies enter commodity market? * Accidentally delete my chart app when updating dev notebook to Windows 8.1. (I installed Arch Linux on my dev laptop today.)

    Proceed to operate on intraday trading.
    Join rebate website? Research about Commodity currencies and When imbalance turns into trend.

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    We define and then we visit - Walter Lippmann. This is the quote once I read this week.
    If we do not learn there's a red color, we never see red color.
    If a child look at EUR/USD chart, sure they won't ever know what's going on.

    The problem with me this week is I concentrated too much on 'Mispricing'. I can't see anything else other than it.
    'Mispricing' is too technical. It means price above or below its value (true or relative). However, there's a time range for it (at least I think).
    The more 'Mispricing' is living, the longer they (big boys) risk. If they accept and concur, they might hedge to someplace else (that I do not understand =gt; I take risks) USD/CAD short and AUD/USD long gone bad for me personally.
    So that I will rename 'Mispricing' into 'Markets' overreaction'.

    Timeframe (I have problem with 'frame'), so I will call it period, period of 5 minutes.

    Provide liquidity =gt; they short to us. Withdraw liquidity =gt; they against us.
    Actual secret is loed here (Due to Unnamedplayr)
    utilizing simple terms help thinking clearer and simpler. So I have some thing.

    PS: Bedtime thinking is Wonderful. Too many ideas.

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    I think that is my best results so far. (Yesterday and today, GMT 7).
    Combine M1 and M5 for entrance sign: absorption and expansion.

    If a person want to look, for pleasure

    EUR/JPY mispricing

    Guess what happens next ?

    I want to hide those numbers, but do not have image editing program on linux.

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    If you notice above picture you may see Index_Core and Index_Full. Index_Full is 8 transaction pairs.
    I fell equal coefficients index.

    And that I don't commodity pairs any longer. Core pairs work most of the times. Like 20/80 principle.
    I invested most of times weekly to lurk about forexintuitive to learn about them, but I believe I am conflicted with myself.
    It's actually too much to monitor. I lost energy and focus fast and trade badly. Or I am occupied.

    Anyhow, I'll post more later. I am not sure if I need to post, although I found something fun. (Many of you Won't know, LOL)

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    This is worth reading if you are newbie. Basic foundation.


    (They market the course for 5K, but I think that this is the most important content. You don't need others)

    I'm not pirated here discuss illegal copyright stuff, because they put the files on their website.

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