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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote There is a broker that shows Gold versus additional G7 currencies. I will PM you.
    Y not to share out that here in the open you will not be banned or branded commercial manhood for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Y not discuss out that in the open you will not be banned or labelled commercial member for that?
    I think we do not allow to market a broker here so he PM. Anyhow, I can make any chart I want, so I do not need other brokers .

    I made a lot of trades since Monday and the statement is longer than my screen so I can't post it here. (I think I must amount up on weekend only)
    I also examined my limitation and it was very uncomfortable. I am aware that I will be benefited by it and help me develop. I, however, will trade lot size bigger.

    F*ck GOLD/USD and AUD/USD, I saw either AUD/USD will be sold or GOLD/USD will probably be up on Monday. They perfect.
    But I truly hate the way they paint chart.
    I can not decide which timeframe to trade GOLD and Silver now.

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    Wake up to observe FOMC Minutes and Portugal vs Wales and can't sleep.
    Hey, ya! Future self! Shouldn't do it next time.
    Burned 1 test account. Lessons learned:
    Only take 0.1% to 0.2% from market each trade.@unknown4x did it a long time agoThere is time limit for this. When it is held for sometime, cash is currently elsewhere.37% stopping rule could be implemented here.Only test your limit with 1.5x your current lot size and only when you are comfy and have approximately 3 wins now.

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    Quick note to future self:
    To improve/optimize Entrance, remember to check when the flow Began (at least 3 hours Back to current time) Trust your analysis

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    Just burned an additional account.
    2 accounts, 3x deposited cash each before burnt.
    Current account picture:

    The Problem is that I violate my Money Management rule. Trade with 1:500 and 1:1000 leverage, and lot size than the rule.
    And I am so confident.
    Another problem is incorrect timeframe. I enter too soon.

    To-do this weekend:
    Work on entrances.
    To-do next week:
    Use leverage 1:400. If I burnt another account, I will use 1:200 ( My main account is 1:100. ) . If it not workout, scalping is going to be dropped. I will concentrate on trading.

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    Wish I hold brief Gold more. Wrong time-frame. 2 brief orders have short lifetime.

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    New Toy.


    Dynamic Coefficients and Fixed Coefficients are same.
    Red Line are Custom Index Range (Top and Bottom)
    Blue Line are Price Range (Top and Bottom, of course)
    Would you see divergence following ADP?

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    USD/CAD H4



    Index_EC = equal coefficients.
    Index_DC = lively coefficients.

    On medium-long-term, equivalent coefficients will short-term and help dynamic coefficients.

    I din't notice because I concentrate on JPY and GBP this week.

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    There are 2 types imbalance as 2 sides of the coin:
    Over-bought, when they are confident. Over-sold, when they are fear. (Khi 2 ben mua dung nhau)
    Results from each type is different (in my limited experience).

    Using over-bought, you are able to combine them until it happen by front-run them.
    When there are retrace due to imbalance on limited moment.
    When there is over-sold into an over-bought, it means trend is finished. When is a big imbalance Trend happens and it obtained approve by Asian, EU, American Sessions.

    How to exchange it?
    Trade price follow index and just when they reunite to preceding range (that range could be equilibrium or imbalance ( more %)) From limitation experience (bust 2 accounts both x3 deposit sum)
    When do they mend imbalance? I want to confirm in the upcoming weeks. Here my assumptions : Because they trade so they produce imbalance, market available, when market near end or end, they will close it. From Asian close to London open. Ahead of US London close. US close. Absorption will happen when over-bought meet over-sold. Depend it provides time window to enter and how big or little imbalance, it is going to endure from minute. Where I am mistaken that's. , I didn't believe . Time Do not like to post.

    Believe more, make more assumption and establish all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Together with over-bought, you can combine them before it occur by front-run them. When there are retrace due to imbalance on time.
    USD/JPY still within range but JPY indices touch base of every range, and finally break out.
    (imbalance on brief time is JPY)

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