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    Demo account: 1:500 leverage, 5000 demo USD equilibrium
    Longer transaction than above account.

    Biggest losses from GBP before Brexit event.

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    4 wrong, 7 correct but only 1 big reduction

    I'll keep 0.01 this week, next week I will increase to 0.02.

    Book to read on Learn How to solve issue: A More Beautiful Query by Warren Berger

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    4 wrong, 7 right but only 1 big loss picture I'll continue 0.01 this week, next week I will increase to 0.02. Book to read on learn to solve problem: A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger
    very interesting Zelo
    you can share the indiors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote very intriguing you can share the indiors?
    I want to help but you asked wrong question. I don't know what indiors you're asking about.

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    10 trades
    two reduction: sell usdjpy and extended gbpusdhate usdjpy because I didn't exit as my principles.2 brief gbpusd count as break because I lost to disperse, already win 1%, attempt to win 2% like I was greadyi took revenge by gbpusd 0.02 longi really like two trade eurusd extended

    second week I'll experimentation 0.02 scalp and long-term commerce.

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    Do not Produce custom chart any It will eat Plogical energy Leave that Power to Concentrate on what Is making money Today
    Reach 100 Transactions
    Enhance entry and exit Incorrect time but right Management Sometimes to early too late
    Calculate good MM Experiment with Fibonacci
    Continue to Sleep Sufficient 8 Hour Snap, Exercise and maintain healthy Diet

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    Many Thanks to UnnamedPlayr for his response to my own questions.
    I will use his ideas to build my own frame.
    Too bad I could share it back to him because he doesn't accept PM.

    For future reference, I must set here: (NOTE: it is a frame, it is going to change dynamically depend on pairs, sessions)
    For any transfer less than 0.3% and/or less than 3 hours, it is for scalping, index will be created dynamically and only utilize base currencies.
    For virtually any move larger than 0.5% and/or more than 3 hours, it is for intraday trading, index will be created dynamically.
    (may be 2 hours if only from retrace and price has to hold it range for a few bars on lesser timeframe) carefully choose set of currencies based on session. For any move larger than 1.0% and/or greater than the usual session (8 hours), it may be for moderate term trading, index will be created with coefficients equal and all currencies.
    Any moves less than one month, use equal coefficients. Look at GOLD (contrary to other currencies than USD), SILVER (and contrary to GOLD). Unless I have more than $1M, do not look at additional time, (hint: use central banks' Trade Weight Index for reference)

    PS: It's another mind dumping.
    PS: proceed is imbalnce

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    Add to above: External range index will be made with coefficients all and equal currencies. (have to test this idea)

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    Following carefully. UnamedPlayr altered the way I look at the markets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Last week was fantastic! It was advancement for investing and my trading. To begin with, I dropped $250 trophy in 5 trades. My thinking model was wrong. USD/CHF dropped, EUR/JPY USD/JPY dropped, Gold Silver dropped. It was fruing, annoying feeling. I kept asking my self I was wrong. Then a quote popped out in my head: 'In the short run, the market is a voting machine but it's a weighing machine.' - can be commerce like my model that is long-term. It does not. One way (short-term imbalance)...
    there's a broker that shows Gold versus additional G7 currencies. I'll PM you.

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