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    6 Structure(s) Look carefully to see the different for yourself.





    EUR/USD (for scalping)


    Can you Find some commerce?

    Just how can I create it?
    1st, specify a range.2nd, run multiple passes on selected currency pairs to loe coefficient of each currency pair.3rd, draw them chartNote: pick currency pairs based on session: Asian (AUD, NZD), New York (CAD), Base Currency: USD, JPY, EUR, CHF, GBP
    Just how can I find it?
    Understand Conflict USD long because of EUR short not JPY short (JPY maybe undecided or long too ), therefore conflict lt; USD/JPYDifferent Sessions, Different Currencies Bank policy, Folks interest (Traders, Investors),=gt; Providers and Providers Problem, like egg and chicken. - Consider currencies, not pairs, that provide, which have prevent priming bias (about buy and sell or long and short)- Want to keep two eyes. =gt; Timeframe: intraday sucks except intraday, intra-week or intra-month is simpler, better- intraday is not mature enough, for example date a teenaged woman, a lot of headace- scalp like flirting, have fun with them is good- intra-week or intra-month for women at 25-30 Todo: I need to explain more

    It takes me like 2 years from know (look) to know (see)
    2 2 2 2 2 x 4 a x b = a include to itself b times

    In fact, I trade against my version, understanding of market, belief system not the market itself (because of the way brain functioning).
    Re-frame thoughts, learn to learn, the way to think, think about thinking, cognitive biases, . . .ReadBookThe 5 Elements of Effective ThinkingThinking, Fast and SlowSummary (not by me): https://github.com/mgp/book-notes/bl...-slow.markdownIt's Not About the Shark: How to Solve Unsolvable ProblemsTop dogRelentlessWillpowerBrain Rules. . .Bonus:20 Cognitive Biases Referencehttp://www.businessinsider.com/cognitive-biases-that-affect-decisions-2015-8Mental modelshttps://www.farntreetblog.com/mental-models/https://www.farntreetblog.com/tag/charlie-munger/Blog, Website:http://www.lifehack.org/http://www.spring.org.uk/https://www.reddit.com/r/plogyhttp://www.brainyquote.com/...Sleep HelpSaving short-term (what you learn daily) to long-term memory (what you want to remember tomorrow), Like saving file to hard diskGaining muscle, healing woundsRe-boost energy to highest level...* NapRe-boost energyReorganize mind more distance to thinking clearlyEat, DrinkHealthy meals Healthy body, Healthy brainTea, and water. . .ExerciseTurn food to energyImprove flow blood flowImprove lung capability, more air into mind*WalkingLet mind wander, open for ideasForget the task at hand, allow the background process of mind work on it loe alternative, improve productivity...

    I simply do a brain dump to
    Clear currency memory, open for much more ideasExamine my comprehension of market, have other to ask me questionsThe curse of understanding that prevents me from see things from various angleShow my comprehension find traders (who also have interest on this subject)Many of billionaire have no less than a spouse Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Elon Musk and his brother. . .Two better than you, so I really do need 1 tooRequirement:- Have win-win relationship mindset- at least 2 years of trading- Can question and explain what you know clearly- Know your weakness- Dont waste your time and mine- Know Scammer's tricks of commerce to help prevent yourself and me or will scam you, LOLFind a mentorFast path to success, who doesnt need an instructor or mentor?Teach me the way to ask the ideal question, I will find the answer for myself.

    Item to do
    Working on MMJoin a competition for pleasure a profitExplain more, add more things

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Y not to discuss that out here in the open you won't be prohibited or labelled commercial member for that?
    Lol. . .really?

    Banning me due to that would be rather absurd, do not you think?

    It is his thread, and that I really don't wish to offend him splattering some arbitrary broker's name all over it, that is why I thought to PM him rather than

    A simple google search will show you brokers who have Gold versus other currencies.


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    Don't know if I'm graduated but the outcomes are better than anticipated.
    By using ticks to judge their activities, I made less trade but much more precision.
    JPY is excellent currency to make money.

    I'm think I'm still missing something.

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    On trading binary option:
    Trade-able Period: 4 GMT to 6 GMT (Asia), 9 GMT to 11 GMT (Euro), 13 GMT - 16 GMT (America) 45th minute to 15th minute News: Don't trade 2 hours before and after
    I'm 2nd in a binary alternative competition. Start from 500, put every transaction. Like last 4 transactions, 3 pairs at one: USD/JPY, GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF.

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    I am 1st in preceding binary option contest. $250 as price, need to trade volume.

    Strategy: Slit account to 5 = $50 each, in case 3 5 total 1, 2, 4 string (50 (base) 90 162 291 (assume 80% payout)). Start over and divide account to 5.
    If I lose, I should not put my hands on binary option ever again.
    If I win, I withdraw to buy things.

    To perform Next Week:
    Optimize Code: MT4 and JavaTry and code new ideaOptimize Money ManagementIncorporate this thought to my current forex investing frameworkFinish In-The-Money in some contest (low priority)

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    Add this to To-Do Listing: (Have this on mind, but see it from Raed83's petition in another thread)
    Play Gold, USDCNH. Use these to help find cash flow.http://www.statista.com/statistics/267998/countries-with-the-largest-gold-reserves/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_reserve

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    Good read:

    I will summarize UnnamedPlayr's posts on free time to learn his insights
    https://forexintuitive.com/cryptocur...iken-ashi.htmlHe created formulation based on 1.
    There's an overall stability among currencies only within the FX market!
    Most of those smaller imbalances will be adjusted on the intraday(s) level.2.
    Despite that bigger imbalances (in this instance they are quantified in Dollar) will happen and be adjusted at the Gold and Gold market!
    He may utilize H1 and H4 chart. I made Gold and Silver Correlation and Index Chart. If there are any fun next week, let us see.

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    Last week was fantastic! It was advancement for investing and my trading.
    First, I dropped $250 trophy in 5 binary trades. My thinking model was incorrect. USD/CHF dropped, EUR/JPY USD/JPY dropped, Gold Silver dropped.
    It was bothersome, annoying feeling. I kept asking my self why and where I had been wrong.Then a quote popped out somewhere in my head:'In the brief run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.' - Benjamin GrahamI believed short-term could be trade like my model. It doesn't. 1 way (short-term imbalance) market will be correct (balanced) 100% times.And there's a very simple way to find and exchange it.Second, Gold and Silver market will be correct nowadays (usually under a week? , need to affirm with more history data and forward testing)
    For easier to view 'it', create a Customized chartcompare gold, silver, gold/silver, gold and silver correlation,compare GOLD/USD to GOLD/EUR, GOLD/GBP, GOLD/JPY, GOLD/CHF, GOLD/AUD, GOLD/CAD

    To perform:
    Have to redesign habit chart.Use FXCM API instead of DukascopyUse C# on windows (short term)and C on Linux (long-term)Post a few screenshots of charts

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    22 trades - 1 loss at first point, 1:100 leverage, attempt to profit 1%-2% in the market.

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