Hello fellow traders, I found that this EA (see attach documents ) in a different forum. It is a 1M scalper which uses envelopes extremes for counter-trading, and monitoring stops. You can really find a whole family of similar EA's accompanied by crazy (and suspicious) reports.

Works wonders on tick backtests, and was working very good on demo, but soon later I found this dilemma:

Attachment 2483054

I suspect it's something to do with all the limitations on Cease Loss/current price distance, requotes, lag, etc.. I have tested it on two different brokers and they provide exactly the very same signals and same mistakes at the exact same time.

The outcome is that some transactions operate as they should, but some other show mistakes while modifying the new SL/TP amounts, the result generally is a runaway (losing) trade. I created a secondary EA to draw and trail a secondary Cease loss that shuts by market (might not operate in a blackout). I'd love to hear what experts have to say about it, and if there is a better solution aside from closing by market with a secondary EA, thanks.

Also I will not be the possessed nor I have the source code for the EA, so if you have any distrust DON'T DOWNLOAD.