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Thread: Trading EURUSD only

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    day one they operate to russia
    now pay time.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    RT @NicTrades: Source: Cyprus parliamentary committee asked for changes to Bank Resolution Bill and ECB refused them... EUR getting thick

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    my guess merkel is hoping to eliminate cyprus
    however she doesn't wish to fire
    she wants to make them depart by their particular
    she actually wants to find some of russian money
    normally russian goverment doesn't give a hell of those russians money haircut. Because they run away from taxation. Paying tax.
    However what russia would like to perform is by givng money, getting militery foundation @ cyprus. Tihs exactly what they intersted in. Other problems are detail to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    day onw they run to russia
    currently pay time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    speed it moves up, same speed it moves down
    Do not monkeys swing upward and fold down? ha ha

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    He he

    1st attemp defeated
    now we will wait UK close

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Don't monkeys swing upward and fold? ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You and me both. Whassup MIGS, how you.
    I done fc*ked around and was down start of week, therefore I'm sit on my 78 until Sunday I get another sign...
    Doing well. . .good task on the trade. EU has been a little more difficult to plot I'm only slightly up for weekly. Next week, but we will get them.

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    Posted by MeInGraySuit
    Do Not monkeys swing Upward and swing down? Ha ha

    And toss poop....

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    If you hear israel investment @ cyprus for solution dont surprise

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    Have anyone heard of the:

    I made this program for my own trading. I am a scalper. That stated this program works with any style. You can even stick it on a VPS and utilize on hourly or 4-hr charts.

    Just 100 copies out there.

    Some attributes...Click entrances and exits draggable stop losses and take profits draw a box on the screen, the program automatically opens a commerce in the right direction risk-based lot sizes corrected on the fly - or utilize regular lot sizing SL / TP sent with order One click limit orders Automated trailing stops Automated scalping out

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    UK fading out

    shortly we sould see the move.
    But unfortunatelly it may happen until 21:00 gmt 2
    so a POSS lengthy wait

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