I need help getting values from a few indiors.

The indiors in question are:

Quantum indior (attached - Requires one user defined parameter eintDepth3 and pulls a little box in the tip of a candle or ohlc pub once the price is pushing against the highest_high or lowest_low according to the last $lt;eintDepth3gt; bars.)


Murrey_Math1 (also attached - Requires two parameters P and MMPeriod Draws a pair of Murrey Math Lines on the chart. There are 13 equidistant lines drawn in total. Each line at a particular price that's figured by the indior. The Murrey Math Lines are: -2/ / 8P, -1/ / 8P, 0/8P, 1/8P, 2/8P, 3/8P, 4/8P, 5/8P, 6/8P, 7/8P, 8/8P, 1/ / 8P and 2/8P as seen on the chart when you join the indior.

Here is what I am attempting to do:

I need an action to occur when a combination of events occurs. By way of example if the price crosses one of those mentioned Murrey Math lines AND a Quantum box is created =gt; open a transaction.

I know how to use this iCustom to declare the indiors.

My queries are:

For Your MurreyMath1 indior: How do I get back the value (the price where it is placed) of a particular line (such as: Murrey Math Line 8/8P)?

For Your Quantum indior: How do I get back the value of if a quantum box seems?

Thank you in advanced for any help.

Please Note: These indiors are both freely available here on FF. That's where I got them.