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Thread: PTLs Sneaky Levels

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    The simplest levels are the sneakiest ones....kinda funny aint it....good night you magnificent bastards...

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    ps, gonna sell some idiotic AUDs at 7658 tonight, risk 25. . .perhaps a riskier play, like I missed all of the simple trades searching for amounts... but I want to get my beak wet...

    pss, cancel that program. . I see there is some idiotic news out in some time, and I am almost certainly due to get stopped out...I will take a look at the morning, screw them...

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    those puppies....anyway AUD looks bid nevertheless, and I might still use that level, but by the long side...

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    There's perhaps some support in that idiotic dollar/Canada near 1.3025ish, it might be worth a punt, I will take a closer look at it, mixed feelings about it at this time. . .and I despise trading that pair...

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    Took a closer look at that Canada play over some coffee and I am passing on that too....not doomed. . .will wait for something better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    WolfMan good to see ya, hope you have been well bro...
    been well, not well atm obtained a cold chilly, so no trades that week.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    the easiest levels would be the sneakiest ones....kinda funny aint it...
    they are, being simple qualifies to be doomed, me thinks. .

    I always loved your charts, good to find a place to test them from time to time. .

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    Not seeing much, gonna watch for the day's remainder, ship drifted in that AUD, glad I did not fall for that last night. . .EU is a GU and pig aint better. . .need eggs, bbl...

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    Well I see that idiotic U/CAD created a two week low, off that weekly inside bar ...I'd like to see it exchange somewhat lower still, then sell a bounce near 1.3140...

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    Congratz on new thread PTL, I will come to say hi time to time

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