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Thread: PTLs Sneaky Levels

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    Levels, levels, and not a drop to drink

    Too many levels, insufficient time

    Need a spot to store some of my sneakiest levels nonetheless, and that area is here.

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    in the USDJPY me likes 103.17ish for some longs this week...

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    from the AUD equally 7570 and 7537 look sneaky, will go on both if they exchange. .

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    Cant say I see anything else sneaky only yet, but these are the sneakiest levels I have come up with, so I suspect they will be far an few between...

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    yea, that's it for the time being. . .GU/GY/EY look stuck in the mud for the time being. . .EURUSD looks crapish at best, and 1.1098 may be a potential sneaky place for shorts, but I'll have to think about it a bit more in the daytime. . .gl PTL, this week. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    at the AUD both 7570 and 7537 look sneaky, will proceed on both if they trade. . picture
    think I prefer 7570 really, the longer I look at it. . .anyway will give it a try now, if we get a chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .. .EURUSD seems crapish in the best, and 1.1098 may be a possible sneaky place for shorts, but I will have to think about it a bit more in the morning. . .gl PTL, this past week. . image
    took a closer look in this level, and it seems pretty damn sneaky. . .bastards, this week I will use it , nothing else to exchange on EURUSD this week, that's for damn sure. . .found something on GBPUSD, but will need to find some movement at first before I believe it, couple of candidates on these dumb crosses too, but I'm not sold on them. . .anyway three great levels to track/trade, may only be sufficient to take some cash off them jags...

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    Darn you PTL, how'd ya always manage to pay the limit with bastards? Beats the hell outta me. . And ya goch your own place to keep them kills, ain't that grand!

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    WolfMan good to see ya, hope you have been well bro...

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    perhaps 115.38ish in the EURJPY is a sneaky short, I'll try it if I get the chance...

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