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    Three successful baskets that this morning.
    Not sure how many pips... but profit following fees and commissions = $9.10
    So somewhere upward of 180 pips on three baskets opened and closed on the 1 minute throughout London.
    If that's sign of things to come, this is pretty exciting.
    Believe it or not investing like this is a LOT less stressful...
    Only figure out a fantastic place to get in and let them battle it out.
    This was one of the better ones. 1 minute chart EURJPY
    Small losers, big gainers. That is what we want to see.

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    I will keep refining identifying entries for pairs using macd, bb20 and bb400 base 1 on the 1 minute.
    At the moment stops are extremely wide but exactly what I experienced that this morning was that most of pairs were performing quite well but one was a stinker.
    I discovered after about 15 minutes I obtained the entrance on GPUSD wrong and was on the wrong side of the trade. So I upped the net gain goal by that far and shut it for a little reduction.
    The rest of the pairs happily trundled along to get to the combined upped net profit goal.

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    Out of the 9 pairs I am monitoring I discovered 4 that I felt I understood the probabilities well enough to open positions.
    No news. Nothing to real transfer the markets. Initially I put net gain at 5., 50 pips.
    But no substantial action in the markets so opted out for internet gain 1... 14 pips. Not sure when the spreads are already accounted for. I think so.
    That's it for today.
    Will operate on another job and come back after while. . To check the markets.
    GPDAUD was the big winner.

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    After blowing up more demos than I can count or keep in mind, it appears like I am finally on my way.
    The last 10 days are consistent. I feel like once I look at the chart through my filter, I can really see where the bid and ask are going.
    If I do not get the entry quite right, and I usually don't but when I have the overall direction correct I open another position as it goes. I may need to do that 3 or 4 occasions, but if it turns about... it's usually fairly quickly and it's really spectacular. This happened a lot of times on many distinct pairs.
    That I may have a few pairs available at exactly the same time. If there's an attractive gain I will shut everything even if it means a loss on one of the pairs. I was even able to surrender to a significant loss on GBPJPY when I realized I had gotten the tendency incorrect. No biggy. The upcoming transactions wiped out any losses and we live to trade another day.
    Before I enter the commerce I have my goal and a general survey of what I expect. If it gets too fishy and resembles the landscape has drastically shifted I will get out. However, I must have some notion of the big picture across time frames and according to information releases, market opening and closings.
    I will not trade if I am tired or not enthused about. That is a loser there.
    This is my winning template...
    400 bb, 20 BB, also MACD... It was phenomenal. . Let's see weekly how it stays up.

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    did not really need to take a trade this morning. No information. No news.
    But USDCHF had a set up I realized... Everything... nothing.
    So I shorted. It was slow to come around and got out when it revealed a respectable profit... although I am pretty sure there's more downside.
    That is fine. I am glad.

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    Forget MACD. Much simplified with 400 BB
    Works best on reduced time frames. 5 mins is great.
    Following a run once the prices comes within the outer band on the 400 bb
    enter short if on the upper band and long if within the lower band. That's it.
    When it bounces beyond the band again wait for it to return inside and short again if to the upper band and long again if within the lower band.
    Do this as many times as it happens before the prices revert to the mean... Which they always have to do eventually.
    Increasing standing size each time.
    1% first position.
    2% second position
    3 percent third position etc..
    It is something similar to a Martingale but not as dangerous. Increases profit and reduces declines.
    This seems for a reversal to the mean.
    One of the reasons I really enjoy this way of trading is that the goal is always understood. The goal is the mean.
    Unlike a big movement. . .where the target isn't known.
    . however, it is guaranteed that the prices will revert to the mean at some point.
    Employing the 400 signifies the move has been extensive and final within the band means it's getting ready to revert fairly soon.
    I've the 20 sma on the chart simply because it gives some visual perspective.
    I do not actually use the mean itself because the goal, since sometimes prices will come near the mean but not close at it beyond it. So I am using a channel of 10 pips on the 5 minutes.
    As generally happens the template I was using was getting very packed with two macd's and 2 bb's. I wound up after the Fed speak, since it took a dip, getting stuck long on EURUSD.
    That can't occur with this egy. There can be reductions. . But not runaway losses. Close is on the 10 pip channel of the 400. Simple...
    Have been running it in the tester with fantastic results on different pairs and finally have a few places open stored over the weekend.

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    Went out and in a few times on GBPUSD.
    The goal is a moving target since the median and the channels move lower.
    So I will keep adjusting the take profit to coincide.
    When it falls back and goes beyond the lower band I will wait until it comes back inside and put in a position for 2 percent
    If it keeps going as is it might be between 25 and 35 pips.

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    Forgot to up the place size to 2 percent following the second drop below the upper band so entered 2 for 1 percent

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    Going to trade the 1 min with the 400 bb. . 5 pip station
    on the 5 min building positions can become overly expensive if it's behind a fantastic run.

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