Hello dear traders and programmers.
I don't know anything much about EA and scripts in any way. But know that it is possible to program something to make life . Thats why I am attempting to ask help to professionals that understand how that all works. And hope to receive some help.

What I're interest is:

When I open any trade in any price, app automatically open 5-6 pending orders, if standing is buy then all pending orders will be buy limitation and if I open sell then rest of orders will be sell limitation. When it's possible beforehand to establish how far next order ought to be 5,6,7,8,9.10. . .pips and lot dimensions for each order, the SL and TP can be change for each order and for every single order by pips and can be put on or off, less default for all orders. And when TP reached rest of orders are canceled.

Thank you in advance, hope for the help of that. Trading that is manual work fine but its take time to place all parameters for each trade.

Thank you!