'Load MT4 price history' appliion

One of the problems I had establishing the Recent Power indior was the fact that it took several moments for the indy to obtain the historical information (28 pairs x 9 timeframes = 252 different charts) from the br0ker's machine, which is required for it to compute and plot the outlines. It was only a installment condition, but nonetheless a hassle. The app, which can be a compiled autohotkey script, automates this process by playing back the keystrokes needed to perform a'brute force' download of their history data. It takes several minutes, but you can get out for a fast round of golf (30 minutes for 18 holes? ...) while your computer does the job. This app may also be useful for any indior(s) that likewise need historical information to be pre-loaded.

You are able to set up the .exe file in the attached zip anywhere (your desktop is nice ). Run it, then type in the symbol IDs separated by commas. If your br0ker uses a suffix, typing it (e.g. m) into Symbol suffix field is a lot quicker than having to type the same suffix after every symbol ID (EURUSDm, GBPUSDm, USDJPYm, etc). The delay fields permit a while to ch up whether the keystrokes are becoming played back too fast to the computer. Hence you might want to run the process for only a few symbols to begin with, as a test.

Click the OK button to begin, and the Now go to MT4, open a blank chart, and then press on Ctrl-J message appears. Proceed to the MT4 window and then open a new blank chart (a lot of indiors will slow down the process, since the macro loads each chart). Click anywhere in the body of the chart, and then hold down the Ctrl key and press on J. Do not move the computer away from your MT4 window while the method is running, or the keystrokes will be performed back into the wrong window, causing unpredictable results. Go out and treat yourself to this round of golf. If you use the default settings allow around 30-40 minutes to the process to complete; but if you choose less timeframes, then it will take less time. The Click message box appears, when the job is completed.

The .ahk file in the zip is the source code (no need to put in it), just if any programmers are interested.

As always, download and use at your own risk.