I connected all documents.

To export high, low, close or indiors such as RSI,ADR to .csv data and so on no issue, large thanks to.

Illuion from outhist.mq4: this works good with iRSI or IADR or iOpen

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- But what about datas, called objects, which can be drawn in chart by habit indior? (Please see image below)

To export RSI, CCI etc it's easy because in Metatrader it's already implemented as: iRSI or iCCi

I need now the Zigzag indior. Unfortunately it isn't yet implemented in Metatrader, therefore iZigzag isn't defined.

You see a picture. I altered zigzag-standard indior, therefore in chart you're now able to view Pip-move from last low to high or high to low along with the percentage of retrace (see picture for better understanding the way zigzag works).

So how can I export the objects, the labels such as: on 2016/11/09 zigzag created the tag: 448.5L Mi:11*1.78

448.5L stands for pip move, Mi:11 stands for days how much time it takes and 1.78 is the consolidation such as fibo retrace (here: 178% retrace).

So I need that output in .csv

2016/11/08 //////1.11646//////1.12213////1.11323//1.11052//// 0
2016/11/09 //////1.10522//////1.12989////1.09059//1.09068////448.5L Mi:11*1.78
.... And so on.

This is the chart what I mean:

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My query for export:

Do we really have to implemend the entire indior to outhist.mq4 (see attached file) or does it easy work with iCustom or sth. ?
Is there any code that simply grab the informations on the chart and put it into .csv?

I really don't understand how to export that values:/ Can anybody help me?

I connected:
outhist.mq4 first by
outhiststocc.mq4 (exports stochastic with istochastic already implemented in metatrader so export is easy but what about custom output on chart I cited previously?)
Zigzag.mq4 (altered by me for output on chart)

Thank you all