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    its been a long time I have not update this thread. . Occupied with work and feverish travelling, forgot to check for weeks in my transactions. . Now, assessed the balance, and its looks fantastic. . Balance increased, still got plenty of loss dring, but my margin can manage it easily... expect to get a better transactions at March...

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    today could be 2Â 1/2 month since I begin tracking my account functionality journal here... my little account has grew to 2400. . Not a big account by some folks standard, but I am learning here (and look at the starting balance ... the ea system works very nicely, and I need understand something usefull, stick to your trading egy rather than change it. . So I've made myself a promise to touch my trading terminal in any market requirement. .

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    its 15th March now, I just got back from a little vaion with kids and wife. . Its a school vaion week here in Malaysia. . The one cry and 'mengamuk' on our flight, make a little bit of havoc on the airplane. . . . We remained in Chedi Phuket that time, a wonderful place to spend your weekend with sunlight, beach, sea and Patong shopping . .

    So the account grew a bit more. . Today it stand at US3200, an increased of us800 or 33 percent from last posting 10 days ago... still trading micro whole lot, still got few more dring loss, but under management. .

    My appliion to be Introducing Advisor and Money Manager with Interbankfx has been approved now. . Fantastic start. . I was planning to start my own forex managed accounts once all of the legal issue was sorted out. Already have 1 account began last February (well, its my friend in the workplace, and he is jumping arround with 21% profit he obtained so far). . So lets see in the upcoming couple of month on how things will progress...

    in the mean time, lets trades with diciplines, without mess with the setting. .

    Joyful trading

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    You're doing great! I am also learning Currency Market at the moment. Planing to open a account .

    Keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ok, here we start. . I'm using two set of MA Fibo

    Filter MA 72,100
    Trade MA 5,10, 72,100
    Fibo both direction on most interval from monthly to 15M

    Entrance = spanned 5,10 test Filter MA 72 lt; 100 (short), and 72 gt;100 (long)
    Entrance = spanned 72,100
    Exit = hit fibo 38.2, 61.8, 100, 161.8, 261.8, 423.6 %

    Exit gain = gt; 20 pips
    TP = 0
    SL = 0 (I employed hedging technique)

    Best timeframe to trade 15M or 1H (it's possible to go higher for long term)

    * I attached my placing tpl here for sample.

    Nowadays trades been OK, managed to shut 371 pips. . I'm still using micro so its not that much in $

    expect next week consuming significantly more green pips
    Hey nashcreator - Pretty impressive system - along with the curves seem great!

    Question - how do you hedge with a lot of trades that are open?

    - Best -

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