Recently there's been many debates around the powerful USD against the poor US data, I don't mean to repeat that here.

Here is some thing funny from

Last Thursday:
Dollar Declines Versus Yen, Euro as Data May Show U.S. Economy Is Slowing
The dollar fell the most in more than two weeks against the euro and declined versus the yen on speculation data to be released next week will demone the U.S. market is entering a slowdown.

Now (Monday):
Dollar Rises on Speculation Fed to Reiterate Inflation Risk, Hold Rates
The dollar gained the most in more than two weeks against the euro and strengthened versus the yen on speculation the Federal Reserve is more worried about the risk posed by inflation compared to slower expansion.

No data was released last Friday and today (Monday). Did the fundamentals change throughout the weekend? Clearly No. Why the price movements are so significant? Now the USD is nearly exactly like last Thursday when USD depreciated significantly even prior to the weak Philadelphia Fed Index that day.

It is a typical exmaple of speculation among hundreds of others from the FX spot market.

And now CAD retail sales amount is better than anticipated, so what?

I won a little here and there always the past few months in my mini account by studying momentum. Since I realized that I am trading against you guys and the many professional traders in the funds. It is better to understand what my competitors are considering - greedy or scared, that's something news and EA may not tell you. I really do read news and data to confirm my belief, since the news tell us that the price moves for a few reasons.

We are in a globalized casino, so let us have some fun. (hopefully) =P