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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Have you got propsignalpips in 0?
    Edit: it gives signal only if we place a value in propPinSignalPips

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    Excluding PipF and can say Jen too,is funny and boring in same time how dudes place their eyes today on those tools only after see a few green outcomes and entrances on charts.but most of them don't have any ideea the group for this was made if snr was born in dash thread from a easy ideea till this complexity.and which was a few years ago if I look back.if anybody ask me or Juan how many nights we lost and no sleep and stress during this years together with all evaluations we actually dont know how to count.a lot of analyzing beginning from snr and old tendency then dash and lots of other ideas and resources which has been excluded on how up.looking at old old snr articles and comparing with what can do this tool... long time between phases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Now I ch swings without delay and nearer where occurs. Without have check screen... image
    Hello Friend,

    Nice Chart !

    Can talk about this template?

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    Thanks Juan for convincing me to come over here from MrDFx thread and for post Husky's TE, seems like you're doing well, you've always been great at what you do ... and like the other threads I follow which reveal consistent green that I will follow with interest ... thanks for the help along with the prompt

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    I went to sleep around 30$ profut ( downed after have a major profit trade closed) and last night produced a new maximum profit (over 50$). Timing makes things quite simple. And can place trades around swing risking little is a clear benefit. Its third afternoon profit is increasing in total

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I went to sleep around 30$ profut ( downed following possess a big profit trade closed) and last night produced a new maximum profit (above 50$). Timing makes things very simple. And can put trades near swing risking little is a clear benefit. Its third day profit is increasing in overall image
    You're starting to scare me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You're beginning to scare me.
    Me also. Husky is testing in real but we made some changes along week we dont know exactly how profitable is yet. We will know next week. Anyhow he created more 100$ even with a few mistakes while we hunt the Ideal mix

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    First capture is main test. Second is a slightly variant yesterday started. The great about second evaluation is arbitrary beginning not affects system. This means entries cycle is stable

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    Im analyzing different exits also. This utilizes v0.90 (quicker exits ). As entries are good system profits aren't affected negatively. This offer more options for adapt system to all sort of accounts. This should be good for tiny accounts (less 100$)

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    And that shows quality transactions. Its hard place it at edge like ch

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