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    Here are some things to consider for this trade.

    In the past 10 trades it's flipped 9 out 10.

    The initial spike:

    00-10 * 1 Time
    11-20 * 4 Times
    21-30 * 5 Times
    31- * 0 Times

    The Total move:

    00-10 * 0 Times
    11-20 * 1 Time
    21-30 * 4 Times
    31- * 5 Times

    You will find 3 Whipsaws with a mean candle of 20 pips

    The 9 reversals generally all started after 10 minutes into the trade
    and averaged 38 pips by the extreme of the initial transfer.

    My egy... a close entrance - 10 pips from price action, using a 15 pip stop and also a 15 pip limit. This way if it goes 25-30 I'm ok.

    Then I will watch for a change and attempt to market order for another 10 or so.


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    With GBP during its high is anyone going to be playing houses and CC? Its kind of frightening

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    Still holding long, but I think everybody is waiting for housing

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    2nd of 38

    I straddle this one by Two orders for buy and Two orders for sell
    so my Buy orders Obtained opened and Created 10 pips on first one TP and 12 pips on second one Obtained Two early

    but still very good

    I Am looking to FADE next news

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    were usen the machine or just a feeling?
    Consistently a system. Never go by feeling. Feelings will drive you crazy in this market.

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    Time to take my profits and call it a day 20 pips.
    1) What is considered a Great evening in pips
    two ) Is straddle = Extended and
    3) Fade = short

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    Due to mix report pound started ranging.

    Have a good day or night.

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    Somehow I'm still long EUR/USD, and somehow I'll keep this position open as UDG outcomes are awful and customer confidence as well.

    Hope I'm correct, or else...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Somehow I'm still long EUR/USD, and I'll continue to keep this position open as UDG outcomes are awful and customer confidence also.

    Hope I'm right, or ...
    It should still be bullish for the EURUSD 3 of those 4 recent news broadcasts were negative for this.

    It seems the market over reacted to the current home sales, the sole bearish of this 4.

    I'm long Too. Heres to hoping were right.

    I should have straddled it was still long from the 8:30 news. Oh well live and learn.

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    Seemingly the world believes more of this very few more homes sold than bad consumer optimism, 20 pips is pretty great on CHF and 35 around GBP the people have spoken wish I wouldve caught a while, I got implemented going wrong manner, dropped 15 pips which is 5 pips for the day just how crappy

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