EDIT: I wrote this article last night 9/19 out of curiousity, turns out now 9/20 the markets got shaken. Will follow with interest. There are mixed reports as of today what's going on with the Saudi Riyal. All I am aware of is this, the USD/SAR only moved now more than it has in years.

The title is not the finest, though I wished to represent my feelings on this issue. Saudi Arabia is suffering its fastest pace of inflation in seven year. Much of this, I would presume, is due to the U.S. Dollar. Even though the Bank Governor of course denies the Riyal strength has anything to do with inflation. See, the U.S. Dollar as well as the Saudi Riyal have a bond that has lived for over 20 years. Since 1986, the Riyal has been fixed at the same value from the U.S.$. Through good and bad, the Riyal sticks to it and asserts that loyalty. But will they now? Can there not be benefit to removing themselves from the bind of the U.S. $ fix?

Kuwait back in May adopted a basket of currencies to”fix” itself to prevent the risk of exceptionally high inflation. Though why fix? Is there that distant chance a region leader, that Saudi Arabia is, actually let their currency visit the markets will? Jumping boat on the U.S. $ repair may be a fantastic start. Though this trader certainly would welcome new life given to the jump currencies around the globe. Hong Kong Dollar has a range that it trades in; perhaps something such as this will be suitable?


I do not know much about economics or about the Topic of fixed currencies, nor the economy of Saudi Arabia past their oil exports. Perhaps somebody who resides in Saudi Arabia, works in Saudi Arabia or understands the dynamics of adjusted rates and their loion in upcoming history may remark? I opened this thread for those smarter than myself, I am only interested in world currencies. Thank you