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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    It should be the other way round. Real FX Traders use stop losses. Personally, I use stop loss and yes, I'm a real FX trader. The main reason for stop losses is to stop the degree of loss from growing until it gets too big, or even better still to stop the loss in the amount of your own liking. That's why they say, when you enter Forex, you must be prepared to lose the money that you put in. This why FX trader control the amount they are prepared to shed by using stop losses. Otherwise you would have to see all of your transactions 24/7 minute by minute based on you trading period frame.

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    Asif you wouldn't have a hard stop loss someplace on your trade only if it *$ * hits the fan in a tiny amount of time or your power goes out, or your own net dies, or whatever. You can place it well from the way of your current trade so that it will not get whipped.

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    Professionals will normally have a risk tolerance level in the back of their thoughts ie financial value but do not want to set a concrete reduction in place.

    Additionally, it is based on the market and the time frame.

    Bank traders have a luxury of flexibility employing the banks balance sheet and do not get a margin call like the retail player.

    Keeping that in mind retail punters ought to look at that version and trade within their leverage permitting the standing flexibility just in case a news event or market thins out at instantly sessions near NY near and ancient Australia.

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    Normally SL mean 2 things: -
    1- the position isn't vault below this degree
    2- you cant manage shed more than this sum.

    And yet one thing can SL do to the trader is as soon as the price start going agents you nearly all of traders begin losing there interest and the maybe begin hoping to return in greater loion in order that they begin not thinking clear.

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    I will say that it is wrong.
    Most traders, for example expert traders, always use SL.

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    [quote=VicWraith;8110175]I will say that it's wrong. Most traders, including expert traders, constantly use SL. [/quote

    how can you understand ? As far as I understand they use hedge egies instead of SL .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I will say that it's wrong. Most traders, for example pro traders, always use SL. [/quote How do you know ? As far as I know they use hedge egies instead of SL .
    Rubbish specialist traders have enough money to Have Sufficient equity to pay for a pair that went wrong and yes a hedge is a ok thing but to Eliminate money on a stoploss, is no no

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote crap pro traders have more than enough cash to get sufficient equity to cover a pair that went wrong and yes a hedge is a ok thing but to lose money on a stoploss, is no no
    100% agree with Aussi. Speculators with long-term opinion don't loose sleep 200 pip spikes or SL searches. They see everything as chance.

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    You can be a real trader trading with large or low capital, using stop losses or not, it'll all depend on the situation and trading goals of each broker. I consider myself a real broker and utilize stop loss in every transaction simply because I favor loosing the risk and earning my trading a little bit safer.

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    Men SL did not mean that I cant afford to lose more so close the commerce

    any one believe like this he should stop wasting time on the market

    you dont know whether the price goes on your side again if he pass this stage so you prefer to close the deal and wait for a beater one.

    All professional traders aren't same . Rely on there egy and most of them go long time egy like 150 pip they dont plan for 20 or 40 pip like us

    I watched a 70 year-old man he aim for 100 percent and risk only 4% ( this is expert guy) with SL and he struck it 5 times in a row however when he gain he do enjoy 100% or 120% every time
    so he constantly

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