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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    You can use margin call as stop loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you can utilize margin call as stop loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    HAHA technically accurate I guess. But.... Actually?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote HAHA technically true I guess. However,.... Actually?
    It is actually, do the math between your capital and lot dimensions along with your leverage and margin call (based on margin call of your broker) and how much risk(money) you would accept, then you are going to discover.
    As you enter, if market moves into your favorite then you have enormous earn. If market, you Tiny

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    You have to put stop loss according to your trading egy and timeframe you exchange. The more time horizon the pips from the order ought to SL be put. Lot size may also impact stop reduction, the greater lot size the less is Stop reduction.
    Once I was a newbie I was putting my stop loss randomly or estimating prior candlestick height and putting SL in the base of it. It is a great trick when you are able to recognize broadly recognized candlestick patterns (particularly reversal ones). Afterwards I've developed sound MM program and bounded my SL to some fixed pip values. It had been particularly good improvement as my broker MercerFx has very stable spreads, seldom experiencing widenings during serious market abruptions...
    Personally, I wouldn't advice you to do away with spreads in any respect, particularly to low-capitalized trader, where without any restrictions trading can bring you to destroy at a blink of eye. . Truly... 1:500 leverage, 200-300 $ dep... one market spike and you are out.

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    I do not use stop loss or take profit . I just cut if I think I hv a wrong place . But I am just a noob

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    Hello everyone, just stepped right into this thread and even when the question is quite easy (at least for me) it's a lot of weight in your trading.
    My humble view: one must use SL at all times.
    If you don't use SL you can indeed 'be blessed' and the place will go your way.
    If you do use SL, then there isn't any danger in a sizable sudden drop which could force you to eliminate a large part of your account and why not the whole account.
    Traders which were live in 2008-2009 know exactly what I'm referring to, should they remember.

    Anyhow, NOT using SL is quite risky, expert or noob traders, regardless of!

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    Real fx traders are supplied trading ranges to handle accounts inside. By end of week transactions must be shut for wins or losses, therefore technically stop-losses are not utilized but losses occur just the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello everybody, just stepped right into this thread and even when the question is quite simple (at least for me) it's a lot of weight in your trading. My opinion: one must use SL constantly. If you do not use SL you can really 'be blessed' and the place will go your own way. If you do use SL, there is no risk in a large sudden drop that could force you to lose a huge part of your account and why not the entire account. Traders that were live in 2008-2009 understand precisely what I'm referring to, if they recall. Anyway, NOT with SL is quite harmful,...
    Ahh yes 2008 a very good year especially from October on, I can remember it well as I was trading AJ sitting short bored out of my skull because of inactivity in the place and in a blink I had 4 more short positions open up 100 pip apart, swings were insane (countless pip in moments), blown accounts were anywhere, the forums were amuck with all sorts of gloomy stories in rather short order. Among my trading buds dropped 5k in moments after silver gapped down right over his quits becoming filled in the initial price available, another bud who had been milking an AJ carry trade got wiped out because he had been doing it with no stops and playing instead of managing trades at such a critical time even after I gave him a heads up call earlier in the afternoon. Never trade without an emergency cease in these markets, you never know what could happen, your trading apparatus may fail, your platform may fail, your net connection could return, broker servers may go on the fritz, the possibilities are endless and when your around for any time (or intend to be) you will get hit with a few logistical disaster (I've experienced most of the previous within my time) and performing such is just bad risk management and risk management is one of the things a good trader is suppose to be good at. Remember, live to trade tomorrow, expect the unexpected.

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    To succeed in trading, you have to learn risk management. Stop/loss allows you to be a regulated trader, a smart one too. Ignore the controversy going on, as my fav quote says 'Amateurs need to be right, professionals want to make money'

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