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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Still waiting for this devastating no SL trade that will obliterate this month's profits:

    I have been advised that it's only a matter of time ... .

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    Entire July's equity Indior:

    Nevertheless not using SL's ... . Statistically speaking, a small time period ... . I will begin to get excited after 12 consecutive months of the ... . Until then, I am only hopeful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Still awaiting this astrophic no SL trade that can obliterate this month's profits: picture I have been advised that it is only a matter of time ... .
    When you have a large number of pairs in active tardes it's almost impossible to have none of them that are complementary correlative to each other. With a little preparation of your own trading Bed, as soon as a currency surges or drops like a rock, it is going to push at least one pair into profit alleviating the effect it may have on other people. Because, naturally, one tends to trade the pairs going into profit and avoid trading these promising loss, The passing trade syndrome tends to prevail only with individuals who trade hardly any pairs, and utilize quite large lot dimensions. Should you avoid those two errors, pretty much anything you do would result eventually in some sort of profit.

    I believe that your hopefullness is well warranted.

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    Who is the 'pro' trader that doesnot utilize a stoploss ? What kind of BS are you currently 'no losers' peddling here . lol. It takes one not two or three bad transactions to wash your accounts off

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    What if it moves down or up 3000pips
    just small bets or very large accounts may work around this

    that the key is to know that SL size to use for particular transactions
    sometimes its nice to be removed
    if its just once or twice per month who cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi, So, you undergone already fact that departure is more important than entry, ideal ?? This is valuable information given by in his profile.... This information is worth countless.... Here's a tip for the newbies that are learning how to trade. Ignore all that hype. Recall--for now--that one fundamental principle: The departure is more significant than the entry. With that in mind, I would like you to do the following on a demo account: 1) Toss a coin: Heads long, Tails brief 2) Manage the trade because you see fit. If you think the trade is...
    Thank you very much for your information, Jackub!

    One query regarding the slumping of this account in less than 50 transactions - exactly what leverage is implied (as it's a substantial impact)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You assume that because we use no stationary stoploss we are not able to ride the death trade to our passing. Not true, unless you utilize insanely big lot dimensions as the brokers counsel you to. There are several ways to reasonably close down a trade in reduction. Eliminate your own preconceptions and discover just how those who don't utilize fixed stoploss actually trade and you will obtain profit from seeing threads such as these.
    Well said and yes you're completely accurate.

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    Maybe institute trader do so but for retail trader this is the most foolish and dangerous attempt that he/she might have done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Well mentioned and yes you're completely accurate.
    Yes, that may sum it up but it's one facet of this coin..the issue is that most new traders do neither utilize good MM nor do they opt for little lots..and with no SL, the inevitable crash occurs. So yeah, while a trader can exchange with no SL, it isn't a good idea to do so, esp for newbies. .

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    I believe it is essential for retail traders to use stop/losses, its too risky to not.

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