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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    I must put something here. Forex is a company you intend for before you get into it . The same as anyother company....Someone was telling me that if a person uses the aforementioned prescribed system in my very first article that one cannot pay overhead price.

    If you want to do the forex company,particularly trading without a stoploss that requires lots of patience and plogical equilibrium ,you ought to have calculated your overheadcost first and earmark money for it(cash not even frm trading)and not wishing that when the company starts that you'll immediately begin withdrawing in the account to maintain the company will have an impact on your trading plogy by that way and you may be forced to take some uncalculated risk at some points just to meet up overhead price because there are sometimes market won't only move the way you anticipate. I am sounding this way because some account may take 6months to get to adulthood for withdrawals but If you do not place your discipline that way you'll find out that you'll always have the impulse to withdraw each and every pip which you've made. It's possible to earmark cash that will insure your overheadcost for 6months whenever your account is mature you will understand how to balance out things. We do lots of things that set us under stress ,which is incorrect and won't help our plogy onebit.But if you anticipate the account to fuel the company immediately,then you are not prepared. Except you are in the company for long and your accounts are mature enough to gut your expenses.

    Hedging with this particular style.

    I understand that it isn't feasible to get all your trades right. And if you are not likely to utilize stoploss if a trade doesn't give instant profit as expected it could be a source of worry but I am going to keep saying WAIT WAIT WAIT

    I will only recommend hedging in the event your entrance went the incorrect way if only you realize how to utilize hedging to your benefit and if it won't get you distracted from the primary trend.

    If you are employing an account of 1000 I constantly advise that you utilize a maximum lot of 0.05.

    However, in the event you love hedging and cannot wait to only see those large pip space stuffed up, then divide your 0.05 into two places before you begin tarding, use half of it as your very first lot launching , then use half to hedge incase market goes against your prediction.After which do not add anyother trade.

    You will find out that you haven't surpassed your maximum lot that's 0.05

    I strongly advice using 1 hr ,4hrs and daily and monthly chart for this technique
    and will also advice you stay off trades at the start of a month and also the end of a month because the monthly candle will give you a false signal .Allow the market to settle .

    I know it's painful to WAIT WAIT and WAIT but you must ask yourself that why is it that it required a lot of peolple close to 6 to 15 years before they began making consistent profits....if you can answer this question then you will see why you've got to take it slowly today so that you do not have to stay that long before you begin making consistent profit.
    With time your account will be saving lives and financing huge jobs

    Lastly , in forex you will find two manners the street shot and the road never taken

    Tk care and God bless you

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    Most proficient fx traders are not proprietary traders. They have quite strict buy and sell orders against the banks customers and act to fill the orders.

    Also I doubt that actual prop traders have a mandate to put the entiry wagon on the risk - they are using stop loss

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    Hello Friends ,

    Recently in the market I have seen lots of time price move againt me and come back to my own take profit The previous one I had been even 120pips down but it did not shake me because every thing has been measured. If you are likely to do your trades you have to comprehend that market could be in a bullish fashion ,bearish trend or in a sideways fashion. You're able to use SMA 50 and 100 as your own fashion indentifiers or should you realize how to use price action flow of highs and lows it provides you with an advantage ,you may hardly get trapped,if you are trapped it wont be long your wriggle out of it and be all indulged at the method of your profit.

    Another thing that might get you into trouble is market timing, its very important. Should you arrive at the market in the proper time you'll have less troubles. Know the market sessions London ,tokyo and Newyork


    Many traders think that when a currency pair is moving up during london then it will or must return during Newyork or the other way round.They also feel the tokyo always keep a sideways range.

    They believe using a low but measured lot dimensions leads nowhere.

    So many traders think they always know markets high high and lower lows

    so many traders think that their are some opportunities that come that you must go above your prescribed lot dimensions because these opportunities may never come again.

    So many traders think they must trade all of the time.

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    Professional traders do not use 1:100 or 1:10 leverages.

    If you go using 1:1, then of course there might be no stops for long-term positions.

    It is like your assets, in US dollar (if you're American): house, car, etc.). Where's your stop loss there?

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    Do not be confused about terms of real fx traders.... Like states, the real trader is bank a institution that doing exchange needs rolling their enterprise, not a trader who create retail order or market manipulator type.

    Actual trader sit the order book, even if they hold big bullet they play it just like a system, without emotion. They will divide their order in the sake of liquidity. There is no stop loss as we retail trader see. They buy wait the time to depart their commerce, or short sell a Place to find supply of bidding below, that is all about real business

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    Well as for me I have always used leverage 1:500 and never had any issue with that. We are constantly looking for Narrow ways, if leverage 1:1 puts you in your way ,nice. If leverage 1: 10,1:20.... Puts you in your way but any style that puts you in the_0_EXTENSIONk it

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    Does a stop loss control risk, which can be your primary goal as a consistently profitable trader, it also gives you a metric for quantifying the quality of trades that you require in the form of expectancy and risk:benefit.

    I can almost guarantee your failure if you are not pre-defining risk at a transaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Not merely does a stop loss control risk, which is your primary goal as a consistently profitable trader, in addition, it gives you a metric for quantifying the quality of transactions you take in the form of expectancy and risk:reward. I can practically guarantee your failure if you're not pre-defining risk in a transaction.
    I never use a stp reduction and figure what my account is growing ,ones I purchased 3mths ago are currently in profit so using a stoploss would have taken them and of course I see nobody speaking about the SWAPS on transactions I utilize the favorable swap so I win double profit and the swap getting ideas from books does not mean they are correct , don't be the brokers friend with stoploss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I never use a stp loss and figure what my account is growing ,ones I bought 3mths ago are now in profit so employing a stoploss could have taken them of course I find no one speaking about the SWAPS on trades I use the positive swap, therefore I win double profit and the swap getting thoughts from books does not mean they are correct , don't be the brokers friend using stoploss
    I don't understand why these men arrive at the No SL forums and try to talk me from not using a stop loss ... . Getting old.

    Keep it up, Aussi. (And positive swap is amazing!!) .

    P.S. -- And TradeDream's Trade Explorer does not make it look like he is making effective use of those SL's anyway ... . Even on a demo ... . Lol.

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