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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Should you trade with stop loss and have a good win percentage, and little draw down you are a genius. There are no staight lines in charts only fractures. In 1 Hour you are looser now, in 4H you are in good position, in D1 you are at the 50 fibo, etc. If I'd trade with stop loss would already lost all of my residue. It is a long story to explain all in details. But basically money market is a sharks market and they want your money - your stop loss ! That is just 1 thing they want. Therefore you are always somewhere in a midst of swing in bigger TF and more bigger TF. And your profit is going to be hit always. Just think short term investor, but although like a scalper. Should you do exactly what do 90 percent of traders after reading all staff from anyplace you will loose.

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    This type of good and interesting method you mentioned previously. It suggests to a few ideas! It will be essential to test and see what did I pass! Zerrow-demo thank you for quite valuable and helpful information! That's why I really like to read and participate forums such as that. Always something to understand.

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    If a egy is a losing egy, it is extremely likely that by reversing it, that it still will be a losing egy. Random calls reversed remain arbitrary calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This type of good and interesting method you mentioned above. It suggests to a few thoughts! It will be necessary to check and see that what did I pass! Thank you for information that is very valuable and useful! Thats why I love to read and participate forums like that. Always something to understand.
    It isn't a egy it is merely an example. You want always to place everything on plate , here SL, there TP and so on. But this instance works better
    than 90 percent of traders perform. If you think a bit deeper.

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    More money was lost in the sport of trading from people not using stops than all of the other reasons combined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Im fighting setting my stop losses correctly in the moment, I had a couple of fantastic days after switching from virtual account into a proper account. Employing investments that are small and not much leverage I had been at the green. Twice now I've been caught out with a surge when a pair has moved with a lot of pips, now it was the EUR/GBP where it moved higher than it has for a while, I was not sat watching as I thought I would place more than enough of a gap to help me at the trade for a while. Unfortunately it just a say hit the limitation and shut the transaction. It is since dropped...
    I'd practically the same situation, on the demo account everything seems simple, but on actual one not.
    I would be thankful if someone experienced gave a bit of advice on that.

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    There needs to be a mental stop loss. You can't be a good trader without some sort of stop

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    ”Mandatory is putting it too strongly, I presume. There are a lot of successful traders out there who do not use it. But, I still do think it is a good idea to use it more frequently than not.

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    Today, in forex there's stop hunting, we can put in to this subject if you would like. But to me personally a physical stop is a bad idea.
    For black swan events, I am convinced I can rescue the place, on a retrace

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    What's stop hunting, really? The spikes which occur during events?

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