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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes he is no more about because he did not use stops.
    hehehe LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thread proprietor was last online in 2006... suppose he stopped trading ... good fortune trading without a SL. [/quot Yes he's no more around because he did not use stops.
    Hahaha yeah probably true... although, while buying USD/ZAR or ANYTHING/ZAR there's not any true need to get a SL. With these Neanderthals in parliament, what? The tendency isn't going to change anytime soon, sir.

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    I use weight-loss dimensions and put
    that I afford to lose on commerce. No SR or any additional staff.

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    Trading without stops is like closing eyes while driving a car something bad occurs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading with stops is like shutting eyes while driving a vehicle, sooner or later something bad occurs.
    It is more like letting go of the wheel while driving a vehicle. Either way, it is excellent to have set a stop loss just in case.

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    Actual FX traders consistently use a stop loss. It's simply not at the market in the time of this transaction.

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    Im fighting with placing my stop losses correctly at the moment, I had a couple good days following switching from virtual account to a suitable account. Employing small investments rather than much leverage I was in the green. Twice now I've been caught out by a surge when a pair has moved by a lot of pips, today it was the EUR/GBP at which it went higher than it has for a while, I wasn't sat watching as I believed I would place more than enough of a gap to help me in the trade for a while. Unfortunately it just a state hit the limitation and closed the trade. It is since dropped back a lot and can be more where I was anticipate it to be.

    Has anybody got any tips for placing Stop losses to cope with such situations? Is it as straightforward as placing them higher / being ready to drop slightly more?

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    Actual fx traders do not necessarily utilize sl all the time. Will suggest any noob to keep away from over-idealized trading/trader descriptions and fetishistic rules, trading is simple and complied at precisely the exact same time. Real traders win if they lose money. Consider that and keep under-leveraged, so you can jump on to your next installments on same pair or even better into other pairs there is usually a genuine major difference between what people do and exactly what they say they perform.

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    Will the real FX traders please stand up, I repeat will the actual FX Traders please endure. . .We're gonna have a issue here.

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    I think you can't put a stop-loss only if you are 100% sure that your rate of work. Cases of evident situations could be, but they are quite rare on the market. I believe that commerce without loss is an exaggeration, even the most famous traders calculate the risks and put it

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