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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    I believe its ok to use stop drop, because u cant see the chart all the time. Especially the trader who have time to perform FX trading, because they do FX trading just be a side job.
    Any trader have their own way to do FX trading, just do what u think its good for u, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Professionals will usually have a risk tolerance level in the back of their mind ie monetary value but don't wish to decide on a concrete loss in place. Additionally, it depends upon the market and the timeframe. Bank traders possess a high end of flexibility employing the banks balance sheet and don't have a margin call like the retail player. Keeping that in mind retail punters ought to examine this version and trade within their leverage allowing the position flexibility only in case a news event or market thins out in instantly sessions near NY near and early Australia....
    I utilize SL as it reachs to profit zone coz I believe the price will move to profit zone earlier or later

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The expert's I know do not use stop losses, but they know the way to cut their losses that is the gap
    A mental stoploss is a stoploss, however. I guess that a better conversation would be hard stoploss vs soft/mental stoploss.

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    I've read several pages of this and it's utter nonsense. Is the OP, or some of the other people that are anti stop reduction, willing to hold a losing position for years? The EURUSD has gone straight down 3500 pips this past year. Am I to believe that individuals who do not use stop losses are still holding short positions which might have been entered at the beginning of the year?
    It is funny to see some winning trade explorers / myfxbooks and then find out they're holding losing positions which are down 2000 pips. To me, it's asinine to have your equity tied up into losing transactions as opposed to accepting the reduction. Meanwhile, winning transactions are passing you. Of course, as a beginner, I didn't realize that initially. It is something which experience taught me. Additionally, when you've got a set number of transactions and figure out what your maximum adverse excursion is, stoplosses (if hard or soft) inspire you to fine-tune your entrances in order to increase your R and to get a better understanding of the market.

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    But u can said that stop loss is a portion of trader analysis, using a fantastic analysis trader can place the SL at the perfect place, just always attempt to improve ur analysis skill when u do Foreign Exchange trading can help u to earn more profit and help u to minimize ur opportunity to face with reduction.

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    Exchange forex without using stop loss I think it is too dangerous. Forex is a business that has a high risk, so we need to always use a stop loss to lessen the risk of forex properly. Our account will not have a lot of losses

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    It's like Actual cowboys still smoke
    SL is called for in my opinion.

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    Thread proprietor was last online in 2006... suspect he ceased trading ...

    great luck trading with no SL.

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    latest response to a old question

    frequent forex trader w/o stop loss

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    I can not imagine trading without a stop loss, the risk seems too great. I could lose access to this account for any reason and if things go sideways I would not have the ability to close losing places.

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    [quote=avibe;8770115]thread proprietor was last online in 2006... guess he stopped trading ... good luck trading with no SL. [/quot
    Yes he is no more around because he didn't use stops.

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