Okay, question for all you profitable traders... how can you decipher contradictory signals on multiple time frames? Here is a particular example:

I am long USDCHF and wondering if I need to escape having a true good profit or stay put and anticipate some more. My 4H chart has price only above a Tom DeMark tl, Guppy MA's have been in a strong uptrend, MACD has turned up above the trigger line, and Stochastics is just hitting 80 but hasn't crossed yet. Seems to me like it has a modest upwards momentum left but not much. The Tom Demark projection is for approximately 40-50 more pips (of course that is more than a 4 hour or longer time period).

But everything scre lower on the 1H. Stochastics has turned down through 80 and struck. It's 70.55 @ near. Price broke up trend line and is sitting on the projection line. MACD has been heading lower and is just going to cross through the trigger line.

Yet, the 15M chart can't appear to make it up mind. Guppy's in a uptrend, but the last 4 hours are a retracement. Price only barely broke through a TD uptrend line, MACD is sitting on the trigger line and seems to be inching up, and Stochastics is led up @ 52.85 but with only a hint of a down turn.

Which among these stories takes precedence and why? I understand the importance of time frames and getting a feel for the big picture, but when things battle like that which you do you listen to?

Thank you for your help... I love the eduion that's on the forum!