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Thread: Good source for Fundementals/News

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    At subscribing to a support that is real time, I am looking. I just wondered what's the service, without paying over-the-odds. I have heard of Trade-The-News, are there any others to try?


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    I utilize the efxnow commentaries as my news feed. Not sure how much it it's accurate, but as it is interesting, I am pretty happy with it.

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    You may want to take a look at the rss

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello men

    I noticed there's a program that can capture the news amount and send it to your yahoo or msn simultaneously.

    Instance ... am open my msn messenger and opening dialog confrance so when news amount release... amount sent once to the chat window.

    If anybody understand me. . so anyidea ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Muddbuddha, once the news comes from from your platform, how can you know which ones can move the market?

    I check theforexintuitivecalendar every morning during the EURO session for times and likely impact. Then watch the news feed in the right of this platform for the launch numbers. Even the ones which are predicted to be movers frequently prove to be duds if there has been substantial movement. Pairs get exhausted....need a rest.
    I have to agree. Fxsol uses news and has its time of release. You have to figure out the wordage and what each means.

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    I am searching for a website/source where forcasts of economic releases have been published as well as the discharge .

    Any sugestions?

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    Quite a few out there. . .Here are two of these:

    Don't forget FF's calendar also...

    Hope this helps.

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    Below are some places I have gone/used previously to get the types of details which you're asking about. Keep in mind that the best analysis is the analysis that you learn to perform.

    1. Wall Street Journal on the internet -- The link to posts about the economy is right here:

    Keep in mind that you might not be able to use this link -- this is a paid website (roughly $10 per month I think). I am not telling you which you want to pay them cash, but I have found from time to time that the posts are good and summarize not only what a report stated, but also quotes analysts regarding their predictions.

    2. I have found some posts on this, although everyone has their own opinions regarding whether there is or not a site rewarding. It is all free. Keep in mind that it's a site. In my opinion that hasn't changed the objectivity of this analysis, but there are. Keep in mind that I really like Kathy and Boris and think they've done a lot of comment -- by simply pointing you for this site, I'm saying that I like what they say.

    3. This is a site with some free, and some subscription posts. I really like some of the articles that summarize what's happening in Currency Market and world economies.

    4. Weekly I read this magazine. I really like it. It does not influence my transactions on a daily basis, but it helps me feel like I'm getting an notion about what the company cycles round the world are like. The Web site has things as well as free things you need to cover. Among the best links on the site is this page:

    It's a summary of what took place in the last week, economically. I like that a lot.

    5. A friend said that John Mauldin's weekly email newsletter is excellent. I am going to begin reading it and then I got out of this habit, although I read it for around a year. It is completely free and it includes some fantastic information on economic indiors as well as the US economy. Here's the link:

    Those are simply a few links off the top of my mind. I can't emphasize enough, that if you're interested in economics it makes sense to read exactly what the analysts are saying, and then read as far as you can at these links and much more, and then do your own analysis. Post it onforexintuitiveand see what other men and women say. Some of us will say that economics or fundamental analysis is not necessary or important -- however find your own route. Study what you believe helps you feel comfy with all the currency markets.

    A great book on US economic indiors is Utilizing Economic Indiors to Improve Investment Analysis, Third Edition from Tainer. I've got many books on this topic, and this really is my favorite.

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    I read, the posts here, and just about 2 days ago, I started browsing through, fairly good stuff, a fantastic balance of both fundamentals, technicals, and analysts projections and opinions.

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