Hi all

I am considering eliminating the factor in my transactions...

What about doing so: place a position at Frankfurt open, at the way the market is looking to go - just an edued guess

TP 80 pips

Stop Reverse 30 pips, new TP 50-80? On assessing during the day and go.

Do not know about the close if TP is not reached.... Maybe on US open 2 hours, or change indiion, anything.

Yet unsure about this SAR positioning though. I mean, there is the prospect of boucing back and tripping this SAR again. In this circumstance it would be nice to get another order @ market available price in the same way of the 1st place....

Best case scenario is 80 pips profit directly shot.

Doing so is that right to affirm the maximum reduction is going to be locked at 29 pips? I do worse than that when I am overtrading attempting to ch up the leadership

I am considering this depending on the normal 100 pips daily on Cable.

Collateral effect is eliminating fibos, RSI, EMAs, geess....

Comments suggestion highly appreciated. Thank you