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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey marijuana you asked this currency if you have any questions let me know. . .during the meantime I will proceed to eur/usd. . .then I will gbp/jpy
    Thank you, I've the feeling that thrown up, rebounding at this level picture daily and weekly shows up also employed the information is presented poorly.
    I don't take seriously, it is only my perspective.
    Thanks for your time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you, I've the sensation that thrown up, rebounding at this level garfico weekly and daily shows up also used the news is presented poorly.
    I don't take seriously, it is just my point of view.
    Thank you for the time.

    We are here to enhance and you can be appropriate ....thanks for your post. . .you can share your view on any currency with this thread

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    The reason I just look at the 1 hour chart is so I dont get migraines....in other words once I get to much info ...I will find things that state up. . .and items that state down. . .and that'll keep me from pulling the trigger...I know that this program I have has its flaws like every program. . .but if I attempt to make it in the sacred one...I wont function. . .thinkg that filter a lousy transaction can alos filter a fantastic trade...

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    This is a yellowish trade because the time of the day isn't on my side...

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    Additionally, I think back to the north, 76 rebounds at the chart of 4 hours. Just my view

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    You May Be right...I hope I hit my limit though iam up 4 pips lol....40 buck haha

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    I will close 5 mini lots and let the other 5 operate if cost strike low. . .but I would place my stop on these 5 to come out 0 losese just incase

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