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    I'll now begin with GBP/USD


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    Gbp/jpy...I need help about the analysisThanks

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    GBP/USD I will now begin in order of petition...I believe gbp/usd will be heading south if I can get a close below yellowish 61.8 fibbs... and will be taking to the low. . .since occasionally price doesn't want to proceed traight to its expansion. . .also we've got a bearish sentiment since we are under river...

    This would be a GREEN TRADE...

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    Now I can post a RED TRADE= very risky scenerio....

    This I would not take the trade because we're below the river and its likely to head south...I rather miss a commerce then loose a commerce that I dont enjoy ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    GBP/USD I will now start in order of request...I believe gbp/usd will probably be heading south if I can get a close below yellow 61.8 fibbs... and will probably be carrying to the low. . .since sometimes price doesn't want to go traight. . .also we now have a bearish opinion since we are below river...

    This could be a GREEN TRADE...
    A close below...? On wat timeframe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    A close below...? On wat interval?
    A close piercing the 61.8 yellow fib...I do everything about the one hour graph...

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    Hey bud if you have any questions let me know, this currency was requested by you. . .during the meantime I will proceed to eur/usd. . .then i will gbp/jpy

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    ) Looking foward to shorting ....

    If we get a snug below white fibbs. . .you can take it brief....the only thing that can help keep me out is the time right now...

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    If you do take this transaction your limit are the non ....thats what I would plan for...

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