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Thread: Entries to the Market

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    Here I Can give Entrances to the market..for








    Just Ask the Money and I will Examine it and give Entrances to the Marketplace.
    I will demone the charts on how I enter and place my stop and limits...

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    Hey if anybody enter the commerce with me on eur/usd....we are getting close a first support . . .iam upward 10 pips. . .but take a look at price action...I do this on a 2 minute charts....

    I will contnue now with usd/jpy

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    we now have a trade...

    but it sort of left two fast...

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    I'll do an update on all the currencies thrueout daily. . .lol this will keep me out of not being bored when their is not a setup and I can slo help people at the same time....we can improve...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I will show you th currencies and explaing what I expect the markets to perform. . .and set limits and ceases when a trade seems...

    If anybody else whant me to perform another currency let me know before the market opens. .

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    Thanks for Beginning this thread it May be Useful ;]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What is the river? Thanks
    Its how I see sentiment in the market....above=bullish below = bearish

    its a 62 envelope....deviation 0.05

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you for start this thread it may be useful ;]
    Np...I will give the trade and say how insecure it really is...I will say whether its a green trade. . .yellow trade. . .or red trade....

    I ussually stick to green and yellow trades. . .but either way I will post up my graphs...

    Remeber my egy is based upon fibbs....thats the heart

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