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    To start the week

    loaded EA at M15 and M30 on EU and GU

    Waiting for transactions

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote People have been whining that the EA does not work and posted a message on their screen. Maybe you should share your experience together about this message? 'See' for more resources the EA is not trading. Can you see it submitted? If they have nothing to worry about and just have to wait for the EA do its work, first tell them about this message.
    I contacted the owner of website
    You need to upgrade to the latest EA Version 2.2 and Reversal Grail indior
    I downloaded to the site
    Change the old FilterGrid_Reversal_Grail with the new one

    Mine functions with no alert message. This is screenshot


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    2 transactions opened by EA picture
    Will there be a necessity to drop/attach the four indiors on the chart? .... I tried to attach all the indiors to the chart but the other one couldn't be connected along with the EA will simply read it. However, the EA isn't yet triggering a transaction. Is your EA still working or has expired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Will there be a need to drop/attach the 4 indiors on the chart? .... I attempted to attach all the indiors to the chart but another one could not be attached and the EA will just read it. On the other hand, the EA isn't yet triggering a trade. Is the EA still functioning or has died?
    Don't attach any indiors on chart, only the EA. The EA isn't expired and works good, I have downloaded version 2.2
    The EA transactions less on higher timeframes and more on lower timaframes

    If you want to check if EA transactions

    Open 3 M1 charts on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP
    Open 3 M5 charts on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP

    Attach the EA on all those charts. 6 Charts in total
    Load it on your VPS . The EA should exchange at least 1 trade per day on lower timeframes

    When the EA traded, then it works in your broker,

    You will find brokers that don't permit the EA since it transactions .01 Lots
    If your broker minimum lot is .10 or 1.00 The EA will not trade. Unless you get the pro model like the writer said on the website
    You can use demo account for Tickmill and Roboforex and Pepperstone they let .01 lots

    Hope it will help

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    Nevertheless 2 trades open on GBPUSD...

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    Anyone tried to optimize the indior settings to operate with lesser timeframes?
    Perhaps scalping?

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    Ea closed GBPUSD Transactions

    Happy Halloween

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    First I have exactly the same issue as EA not trading, however, it was solved
    Now the EA is trading on my account. I just have to wait especially for H1 timeframe trades
    I asked the blog owner and gave measures. Pasting below

    Do not attach any indiors on chart, Only the EA ONLY.

    Prepare the following
    · Open 3 M1 charts on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP
    · Open 3 M5 charts on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP
    · Open 3 M15 charts on EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP

    Attach the EA on all those 9 charts. Now you're running the EA in several low phase charts.
    Lower timeframes provide more transactions, but this is for testing purposes only

    allow the EA run on your own VPS for no interruption.
    Please await EA to trade. It needs to await all external indiors to align until it opens into a transaction.
    The EA should take at least 1 transaction in 2 days using all those 9 charts

    When the EA traded, then it functions on your broker (FIRST STEP COMPLETE)

    2ND STEP
    we must check whether the TP LEVELS GRID LEVELS are correct!
    The default options use Take Profit = 45Pips Grid Distance = 35Pips

    When the EA opened a trade but did NOT place 45Pips Take Profit, we need to adjust because your broker might be using another digit conversion
    · It placed 4.5Pips only instead of 45.0
    · It didn't place take profit because 4.5pips is too small
    · It placed 450pips instead of 45.0 just

    The alternative
    Change the EA settings
    rather than Take Profit = 45.0
    Take Profit = 450
    once the EA placed the correct TP Levels of 45pips, then you can change different settings such as Grid Distance from 35.0 to 350. In short, multiply pips to X10 to adjust for your broker

    Assess your broker#8217;s minimal lot dimensions. The FREE version employs .01 Lots
    If your broker#8217;s minimal lot size is .10 or 1.00 The EA won't trade

    The alternative
    Assess brokers that offer .01 Lots
    Get the pro version because you can trade any lot dimensions

    The test we did on 9 different instruments is only a vetting process to ascertain whether EA functions on your broker. Don#8217;t do this on your live account!

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