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    Welp.. .Tore that this motherfucker apart and moved through the line online. . .Revolution!

    Been playing a few more ideas and have finally got them inked into the Revolution Version...

    Worked to make a more selective and constant profit directional Trigger on Grid EA and I think this will be it.

    Due to the Daily Directional - I think that it could require several pairs to find some expansion and activity, but should be suitable for the 17 pairs around the Revolution - So, I have swapped it out!

    Will most likely require some time to start churning some serious worth - but Consistency and Safety is the Name of the Game!

    ed n Loaded!

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    Why trigger?
    What does this really mean??

    Very good questions!

    In the event that you fairly new to Grid Style Trading or new to some of my logic, this might not make a lot of sense...

    When you construct a Grid - from primary to following trades, there is a Standard distance between every transaction. . .thus the term GRID. .
    That is easy.

    What this basically is, is a minimum distance between trades. Coding this in, comes out to be rather accurate as price execution on Forex is fairly quickly, so pretty simple thought.

    However, the issues come in under a term a lot of Grid Traders are familiar with, called The Death Candle.

    What's a death candle?

    It is when price, in a particular defined timeframe or thought, moves grossly contrary to your current trade and beneath a Standard Grid Trader, moves in multiple trades which are now contrary to the trend and counting down to if not the complete DEATH of your equity.

    It is like this. . .and we do not see it frequently, but frequently enough. . .you are in a series of Shit Trades - ie - trades against the trend. The market continues to proceed against you and you retain price averaging in...

    You are now in a Fuck situation in that involving your margin and current DD, you can no more sustain all trades.
    Add in a Massive Leverage and your cash begins to evaporate FAST!

    Huge closing of trades because you don't have the funds requirements to maintain everything open or with leverage, and speed of management, everything comes to a CRASHING FUCKING ACCOUNT!

    When I first started trading, there was an estimated 2000 new traders every day!

    I theorized that, given the ideas and data available, there was probably an equal number of accounts blown daily.

    Don't believe me?

    Proceed throughforexintuitiveor some other Forex exchange forum and you'll be able to see all of those Egomaniacs and Newbies with massive articles, only fall off of the pages.


    Well. . .they work very similar to Grid Style Trading without acceptable margin to pay the accounts.

    I have been there...

    Fuck...I have been there more instances automated than I'd care to discuss.

    Nobody wants to take a reduction. . .but when your margin is called, you're fucked!

    You cannot unring those bells.

    SO. . .rather than price averaging according to a BLIND GRID, I have worked on logic that will be a lot more individual.

    Does not always work out. . .but will save a lot of accounts from the Death Spike.

    What it does, is wait patiently for price to SLOW DOWN and market to show some weakness when price is moving against the current or any/all present trades.

    This is a precarious balance, but in the long run, has shown enough market restraint to maintain a steady flow of capital and decrease market risk. Well. . .Mostly. . .there's always risk, but more general than specific to Black Swan events.

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    Martingale Trading...

    The true idea vs what others do, this is very often 2 different ideas.

    Martingale trading, only place and as applied to fundamental gambling:
    you're playing with blackjack...
    You play your first hand with an openness to shed $1 to your first deal.
    You shed...
    Today you're ready to wager $2 on your next bet.
    You shed...
    Today you're ready to shed $4.
    Then $8, $16, $32, $64...

    Martingale, as applied to a Grid Trader, means that you're consistently adding, but the Draw on your account increases with every position that's cost averaged.

    Meaning. . .you start off with $.10. . .your grid is 10 pips..by then you're $1 at the shitter.
    Anybody can take a loss at this...
    You add in a doubled place $.20 and price Moves Against you still...
    By the time a 3rd level is struck. . .you are 20 pips at the shit with your very first trade ($ two) and yet another $2 in this shit on your subsequent trade, waiting for a Retrace for profit and close. . .but since the subsequent 10 pip grid is struck. . .you are now holding .1 (first commerce), .2 (second commerce), .4 (third commerce) and if we are in tendency and market continues to move against you. . .this can litterally occur in a matter of Seconds if not minutes!

    When market is in trend. . .this is a problem...
    But what happens if you're in trend and the News is against you?

    Check out this informative article HERE.

    Can you imagine if there was:
    1. A normal grid in place.
    2. A martingale factor applied as per regular martingale grid logic?


    You would be fucked!

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    Ya do not have to believe what I'm saying...

    have a look at the size of accounts which are required to test the majority of the grid trade EAs which are currently Hot Topics.

    See how fast these guys have to fire up an additional account.

    And then look at the number of threads aroundforexintuitiveare similar to this:
    Suicide and forex

    or merely general posters which are heavy in the shit and don't have any Idea what they are able to do. . .maybe it is you...

    Succeeding in market, is not about market perfection, it's about Living to Fight a different Day!

    So. . .why not only have a Stop Loss?

    Another Fantastic Question...

    Once you have a trade idea. . .you start to work with it.
    Somedays it functions. . .other days. . .not so well...

    But. . .you continue to be before the game and inside of your mind, you continue to believe, I need to earn more profit and lose less trades...

    You lower your Stop Loss and maintain your profit the same. . .and then. . .you are now losing more trades than winning.


    So, to create the gap, you increase the size of your profit thought and maintain the same stop loss...
    An now, you're winning a lot more trades, but making being stopped a lot more...
    Your account is still shrinking...


    So, you decide that in the event you cost average in your great idea you can now be more profitable by losing less trades...



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    Trading around the clock.. .with the tendency. . .perfecting your logic can work for a particular percentage of time...

    If you follow the trend and the market goes sideways. . .you're fucked!
    If you play the market goes into fad. . .you're fucked!

    However, the overall will seem like the next.

    Reason being. . .even when you observe the principles, it doesn't always guarantee victory!

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    I know what you're considering...

    What am I really selling?

    Answer. . .nothing.

    Well. . .encouraging security, however this comes at a price of FREE.

    There are just two EAs on the initial article. One that was made under a standard grid concept - that collapsed. . .the other, Trigger on Grid, playing market leadership.

    I encourage you to not only play with what I've edited and edited, but to also conduct the first to understand how quickly the proverbial shit can hit the fan.

    After that...

    Because you've got the source code along with an idea of exactly what and how to code from earlier posts. . .give that shit a try!

    No. . .it's not simple.
    But neither is constant profitability in market!

    Take the time to know your craft and as soon as you've taken the time to automate your ideas, it is going to lend itself GRANDLY to some idea that you opt to exchange manually or automated.

    [/end rant]

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    Have you ever blown an account or misplaced significant equity, playing the fad?

    Believe me Once I say this. . .you aren't alone!

    Perhaps you have played fad until you've reach your loss threshold and after that, began playing the reverse to just lose again?

    Believe me Once I say this. . .you aren't alone!

    Brokers do not make money when you win...

    have a look at the amount of those motherfuckers onforexintuitivealone!

    If brokers made money when you did. . .they'd consist of a single man, at his computer, with select software, taking and create the shekels when you did.
    There would be no Leverage...
    There would be no assistance...

    only one guy/broker getting fat, counting the money he's making with your transactions!

    Banks would collapse...
    Economies would alter...
    and then!
    The eventual Standstill!

    If stocks, bonds, currencies were valued at their actual value and everyone had the exact same idea of when to buy and sell...

    The markets would cease to exist!

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    You have a title...
    But that is not good enough, can it be...

    You have created a profile under another to the email...

    But that is not good enough, can it be...

    you've got a Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, snapchat andforexintuitivenick. . .all distinct...

    Still not good enough however. . .is it?

    Everyone has a prejudice.

    This bias is based on our own experience and it's what keeps us exceptional. . .good or poor.

    You work hard to separate yourself from the given names. . .and your broker will probably keep your nick.

    You're Liquidity!

    You can win daily. . .week. . .month...

    That is temporary, because as you win, your other namesake brothers and sisters, commonly called Liquidity are dropping their collective asses!


    liberally helps!

    This is the Horror Picture of markets!

    You find the hapless fuckstain hear a thumping noise in the attic and you say to yourself. . .DON'T GO THERE!


    Guess where you are?

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    This equity curve is not an injury...

    It is the compilation of years of egy, preparation, work, attempt. . .blood, sweat and tears!

    And. . .it's going to get better...

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