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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Well shit, hey? . . .Thanks for the honesty though.
    This is contemporary life. You need to say thank you for being honest ... :--RRB-

    To be acute. You share, we strive. All together might be helpful for all of us...


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    Utilizing your PC Resources most efficiently...

    As someone who does not actually do lots of the things I'm telling you about, these are matters which may allow your testing on multiple accounts to not cause as many problems with your current assets...

    I suggest. . .ultimately. . .most here are seeking the holy grail more than are looking for actual trade logic which may assist them. . .right?

    Looking at the template posted. . .is my eyesight of market. . .the logic of the EA. . .but in the long run, the only thing which actually makes any difference is your equity curve. Whether this fucker was tanking or awakened an account, why bother trying to determine how it did that. . .there's already countless threads in which grids and martingales do this exact thing. . .that nobody gives a shit about...

    I have a look at the logic as far as I prefer to find the evaluation accounts which others use. Reason being...I completely understand what the logic is and states, therefore if shit begins to go back, I can search for ideas to apply to possibly build that better mousetrap...

    [/End Digression]

    So. . .here's what you can do...
    1. Open the commerce pairs you want to have this run on (FRESH CLEAN CHARTS) then, close down the other pairs which you aren't watching from the MarketWatch...
    Top Left-hand corner of your terminal, under the term Insert, is a double arrow. . .click it. This shows all the pairs which data is being processed on, chewing up funds for no reason. Right-click and Hide All. This will remove all the pairs which you aren't currently trading.
    2. Pick the interval, add the EA and close down EVERY OTHER CHART! This is supposed to be used as a testing account and if you're working with the particular assumption to TEST a chosen EA, there is no need to have additional charts, timeframes, indiors or anything else available.
    3. Depending on how long you've had this account, you may have a lot of historical data. Open Data Folder - History - [BrokerName - Server], CTRL a and delete. There's a VERY good chance that unless this terminal has conducted 24/7 since you've set up, the data here is corrupted by huge gaps anyways, together with historical data on each other chart and interval you've ever opened. Remove IT!!
    4. Restart terminal.

    You're now ready to have things run as smooth as possible...

    Unless. . .you are examining on multiple terminals. . .go through all them and repeat as necessary.

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    Will mine is performing well till today (17 pairs) 0.05

    yes it had been in floating loss ( not that huge) and then am in profit even with all the floating loss running today .

    So want to determine how it will react when the candy red news come in play now .

    Thank you with this attractiveness EA

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    I've started an explorer predied on LSE default settings.
    Lost Sock E M1
    operate in 1 Min (8 Pairs)

    MyFxbook explorer
    Lost Sock E M5
    Run in 5min (16 Pairs)

    MyFxbook explorer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote $150. . .was a lanky start and particularly for two traders around the same pair, but ya never know until you try it correctly? The New Filter I am running with Revolution is currently holding an account $140 submerged - EURUSD pairs independently causing the DD, but with Margin, it would have issues that have a little account. Have another idea on this that I will be composing in and restarting this weekend... Yup, the EA will trade bi-directionally. In case the management changes, it will both trade the new leadership in addition to cost typical during times of market...
    Problem is, even if there was not a massive drop and close of trades, earlier (Renko) or later (Regular) would have blown the account if they were traded separately, fad was too strong, I guess.

    That's how it looks zoomed out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have begun an explorer predied on LSE default settings. Https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...155-steps.html
    Additional to the first article!



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have started an explorer predied on LSE default settings. Lost Sock E M1 run in 1 Min (8 Pairs) https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...ormations.html MyFxbook explorer https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/l...k-e-m1/2417942 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lost Sock E M5 Run in 5min (16 Pairs) https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...1-usd-jpy.html MyFxbook explorer https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/l...k-e-m5/2425008
    Additional all to the first post.


    Good job, dude.

    Nice to see ya back in testing Mode!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    May mine is performing well until today ( 17 pairs ) 0.05 yes it was in floating loss ( not that huge) and am in profit in spite of the floating loss running today . Want to determine how it will respond when the candy news come in drama today . Thanks mate for this particular beauty EA
    Actually looking really good, dude!

    Will surely be keeping an eye on your pair selection!

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    Telac ...

    appears like the M15 is looking pretty decent also and only gauging by the amount of trades taken, doesn't seem as though it is rapid-fire trading.


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