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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey Rogelio, I have no idea that has a decent VPS nowadays. . .for a platform or 2, there are probably a lot of excellent providers. I am currently working through the process of a setting up a custom solution. Sorry. . .can't really help out in these regards.
    Fine. No problem lol I will choose one and go with the flow hopefully with no issues.

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    For Shitz n Gigglez...

    Additional a Grid Me Outside EA to Article 1 - Xuicide Scalper

    Rationale for the Title.. .if you do not understand what you're doing, this could easily suicide your account!!

    That I fuck around with this to the M1 charts, therefore left it defaulted to my own preferences. This having been said, it is possible to switch to whatever time frame you wish and edit the Time delay (in seconds) to the time frame you're using. . .ie - M5=300, M15=900...

    if you're changing the TF, you probably want to boost the profit, but might not actually want to. This will perform dynamically and can be set to depart when bid is against your profiting candle. Following is a fast trade that I took with the EA, each the arrows, of course EA taken trades and also profit set to $1, total with this was2.33.

    When trades are against the tendency, it will look to FORCE instant Closure, such as the below. When it does so. . .as bid flickers, you might come out with some less pips. The end result of those trades was.88.

    Current set for .01 lot and fixed lot calculation. . .if you want to get dangerous, play with the other choices. . .just be aware, this will trade until:
    1. Stop reduction hammer.
    2. Profit Hit.
    3. You're from Margin.
    4. You max out in your own broker threshold for Max Open Trades.

    Please perform with this to a Demo account prior to attempting it out live...

    I've already blowed up two or three accounts with versions of this...
    Current play, lull market times weekly:

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    Uh...I guess that I should mention that YOU MUST TAKE THE FIRST TRADE in order for this particular logic to kick.

    Apply it to all charts, it is only going to start to work once you've ignored your first shot on a pair!

    It will only Trade the pair you've taken a trade on.

    And. . .because I abandon the Magic Number as a User Input, it is possible to set this to work with any other EA Magic Number and it will work together with other logic to get you great.

    I haven't played this. . .simply not enough space for additional traders right now and I really don't need to fuck up the stats of my other accounts.

    It's fun. . .once you begin with it.

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    Also worth mentioning. . .the Grid setting does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. . .it will take trades in addition to trades, above/below your initial position.

    Shit can get scary, FAST!


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    Cable Closed!

    Move Dragon!

    Run you Motherfucker, RUN!

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    Fuckem.. .Manually Closed Dragon. . .little Back on the day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For Shitz n Gigglez... Added a Grid Me Out EA to post 1 - Xuicide Scalper Reason for Your Own name.. .if you don't know what you are doing, this may easily suicide your account!!
    This is cool! I will give this a demo for fun about the m1. Can this follow similar logic to Ev/Rev? In the charts it does not seem it's just spamming trades each 60 seconds, so wondering how it chooses to place the cost ordinary trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That is cool! I'll give this a demonion for fun about the m1. Can this follow logic that is similar ? From the charts it does not seem it's only spamming trades each 60 seconds, therefore wondering how it chooses to place the cost ordinary trades.
    Dip down a 12 EMA applied to Close.

    Then. . .it's a secret!

    At first, you will believe you have an idea. . .and then you will be all like...

    WTF, why didn't it take a commerce there?
    WTF, why did it take a commerce there?

    A number of the select criteria is what's built into Ev and Rev, all growth ideas and triggering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Dip down a 12 EMA Employed to Close. Then. . .it's a secret! .
    Well, gotta keep some things to yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Well, gotta keep some things to yourself
    it's fun to play though, especially during lull sessions. . .maybe have to start an interactive trade thread with it...

    which may amp shit up a little, hey?

    Watch who can grow a $100 fastest. . .drop down some TE's. . .Wall of Fame?

    Obtain your clinic in. . .early bird gets the worm!

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