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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey Chris, welcome to FF. A lot of people Ought to Be reluctant to enter into the Forex Arena. . .but that doesn't actually stop them. Because of the last statistics I have noticed, there are nearly 2000 new Forex Accounts PER DAY...I would guess that there are probably as many that crash and burn on the same days too... I do agree that $500 DD to a $500 investment yields a lot to be desired. . .but that doesn't mean that these cannot be used on a $500 account. Risk can be minimalized by commerce pair and by leaving the default settings, Most specifically...
    Your reasoning is sound, thank you for the warm welcome!
    I have been analyzing Hybrid NN for a couple of days now, nevertheless have not actually paid attention to the pairs.

    Will take this valuable information into account and apply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Agreed... I'm in precisely the same situation with USD/CHF as you seem to be with EUR/NZD... Two trades opened yesterday morning that are -140 pips and 3 more yesterday evening that are -100, for a total of -240 pips floating on that pair. From what I could gather, the EA seems to trade reversals, correct? When it gets faked out, it then trades at another possible reversal point to average out the original loss... which begs the question - what happens when it gets faked out several times in a row? Not meaning to be overly critical here. I love...
    As you can see out of my commerce explorers on HybridVehicle:

    These jobs are still in the works.


    Well. . .there is two distinct logics for tripping but all based on the same movements(ish)...

    Where Hybrid is a bit more aggressive in the primary tripping, Hybrid ET comes with an additional tripping methodology that plays somewhat more like Revolution.

    What does this imply?

    Well. . .it's like this...

    Evolution was trading for approximately 9 months. No. . .not the one in thread, the transaction methodology. And. . .for the most part, greatly successful in its path. There have been some modifiions and I've changed out the core of the EA to give it a much better fighting shooter, but finally, 9 months without blowing up an account and the current version is performing a lot better compared to the rest of the predecessors.

    The reason behind this is that rather than waiting for the sum total of all trades to be greater than the minimum profit range, it seems for a summ of the best and the absolute worst transaction to be in a minimum profit area and then will shut out them out, leaving some stragglers behind. In working with thisparticular, it has allowed for a lot more trades and commerce sets to be shut and has increased the profitability on the exact pairs dramatically. Where the original version doubled a $3k account over 6 months, the current version has done this at less than half this moment.

    Next. . .let's move over to Revolution NN.

    This motherfucker is a bit slower at taking trades and also a lot less profitable. Because of the NN logic, it is just trading BACK towards a homeostatic median. . .not trading the true trend. Along with this, there's another trigger that helps fill the open space in direction of the winners to make cost averaging a bit more effective.

    Here's a screenshot of an M15 chart on Evolution - It's trading on the M1, but the screenshot of the M15 chart reveals the Complete range of trades for Cable.

    There is over 200 pips from current to the peak of the trade chart.
    That is a lot of bone to make up. . .but given that we whittle away at this and when there's a chart turn, we get a bunch of trades, these happen to be mostly and efficiently traded out. . .over the past 100ish days. . .there is no reason for me to assume that this will change today...

    Evolution was coded to assist minimize buying shirts and selling pliers. . .but guess what?
    The market sometimes has an idea of its own and we're left with an account that may collect a large amount of DD, especially when traded multiple pairs.

    Revolution was coded so that we can eliminate a number of this drag by being a bit more conservative on tripping and to help eliminate the use of the TDI CG indior. . .it's not a terrible indior, just has too much drag.

    NN was dropped in place so that rather than trying to determine where overbought and oversold were. . .we would just commerce back to fingers crossed. . .never end up with this heap of shit...

    SO FAR. . .NN is kicking ass in this section.


    The problem with Evolution, Revolution and NN is that they whittle away the range of profitability.

    In carrying the M1 and the large retracements into the Homeostatic median, there isn't a lot of meat left to the bone.

    When eliminating some of the filterings, taking the greater thoughts of both of them and dropping them into one trading logic...I had to use 2 distinct versions. This will be to:
    1. Have only the price averaging and tripping logic of Evolution, without the TMI CG, such as at Revolution
    2. To Extend the Range of profitability by extending the exit tripping
    3. To have 2 variations - one that operates ONLY such as Evolution on the bottom and the next to have an additional tripping like Revolution.
    4. Test to determine which is the actual better mousetrap.

    In all this, I might actually code in two more versions and might still do so, but will see how these motherfuckers operate and operate from that point. Core is set up so either changing or creating an additional trader isn't that big of deal.


    On to your question...

    YES. . .there is some range that is created by these and perhaps more on some than others.
    Revolution, together with all the Summ Start is trading the exact pairs as you're. . .the NZDs, but is much more refined in it's ranges. . .will these work out the same as Revolution??

    Evolution as with all my trading, works in my Magic 7 pairs.

    Does better on some than others. . .but for the most part, I believe that boils down to the true Sessions!

    My market concept is that ALL regions of the chart is going to be covered by BOTH relevant commerce pair sessions - if they're major traders.
    AUDs, not always the same, but AUDUSD falls into the USD Session and has an effect on movement for GBPAUD and EURAUD, as well as London Session will move this back to range by weakness or strength of the GBP pair. . .EURAUD, nicely. . .fuck them. . .they go along for the ride.

    Take a Look at a session chart:

    The boxes are just London Session.
    Should you listen to these, you may observe that for the Most Part. . .London ALWAYS covers open to near - DAY TO DAY - and leaves no GAP unfilled. It's sometimes an Eventually, but typically works out to be inside a MAX 5 times.

    With this. . .it's such as the Market Gap out of Friday Close to Monday Open.
    Well. . .Almost Always...

    Fills to Lows or Fills to Close - 99 percent of the time, matches back to London Close Price.
    (Watch for the AREA IN GREEN in my GBPUSD Chart)

    So. . .what concerning the NZD Pairs?


    I mean I have them added to my Revolution account, but not listen to it, so really. . .your suppose is as good as mine.

    Given that the logic being used, if they're Summ Start, there is a good likelihood that it will backfill sufficient to shut them out - Much like Revolution.
    (Best Guess)

    TL;DR Model...

    Stick with the Magic 7
    Work along with Revolution and Hybrid

    Let us see where these motherfuckers go!


    Watch for the GBP backfills next week.

    Could be a bumpy ride, but if traded right, you should make out like a motherfucking BANDIT!

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    Hybrid - Week 1.

    Having a look at the stats, up to now, looks promising.

    This may definitely change as time continues. . .but here are a few of the items I am looking at.

    Profit Factor:
    10.34 - Never noticed this on any previous edition.
    Where Gross Gain is 10x higher than the declines. . .pretty fucking incredible!!
    Might have been a fluke, but we will see more how these perform in days ahead.

    Typical Trade Pips:
    This also is probably subject to change. Before the GBP spike, this was hovering around the 8.5 pip range. This is a clear increase within the 5. X(ish) pips of Evolution and Revolution, so even though this throttles back a few, we still find an increase in profitability of 60(ish)% over previous versions.

    Win Rate:
    90.6%. . .well. . .in the first days of Ev and Rev, the win rate is higher. As we move together, there are certain to be some good days and bad days that shorten this back into the 82% win rate. . .hopefully??

    Overall...a Stellar Week for Hybrid. . .but it is just 1 week.

    May Be a FLUKE!
    Could be a sign of some pretty fucking incredible things to come!

    Dun no. . .exciting though!!

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    Revolution vs Hybrid.

    Currently. . .this is a little interesting...

    Revolution, trading 19 pairs and using a summ beginning lot - Net profit on this week $180 vs Hybrid, trading the Magic 7 $159.

    Revolution, 254 entries. . .closing off some from the previous week, closing a total of 268.
    HybridVehicle, 137 entries. . .only final 128 - Week one, no carry overs from last week.

    Lots Traded:
    Revolution 8.29!!
    Hybrid only 1.28...

    That's a pretty fucking substantial difference in gambling and risk, for the difference of $21 profit.


    Revolution is simply holding $4 in DD, while Hybrid is currently at $47. . .but STILL!!


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    Here is what I am not so fond of...

    Negative pip value!

    This implies, if you are still increasing equity, is that you are doing it in a heightened rate of risk.

    Authentic to be mentioned, I've blown up a lot of accounts both live and demo, this is the normal indiion of an eventual account bust.

    In a lot of those Grid Strategies you'll discover, it turns out to be an all-purpose unfavorable Worth to observe the financial growth. This gets frightening and quick!

    Yeah. . .these accounts are playdough. . .but I run this shit live, meaning, I analyze the fuck out of what before it ever hits on my hard earned money.

    Revolution has gone back over the past couple of days, but the overall value of return is still in accord with the pip increase. Meaning. . .that though we slid a little this week, the methodology of the trading supporting this is still actually fairly solid.

    Check it :

    Return in blue, Pips in yellowish...

    It's only during the previous week(ish) the methodology of the EA has failed, in which the profitability has been profiting. . .meaning, we have two things in place.

    1. A good commerce egy to allow profitability.
    2. A good cost averaging egy - when Sum Start or a Incremental Value is added - to enable the EA to work itself out of tight corners.

    If is either one or the other, this can demone a equity incline which goes left to bottom right, instead of the current.

    Just figured it would be worth mentioning. . .really, a lot of this shit is stuff I see and say when analyzing my own trading.

    Repetition is the mother of knowledge and well...I will use all the help I can get.

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    Hi ,

    I was considering using your EAs but I would love to know which Forex VPS are good to use? I'm simply gonna use one or two MT4 platforms. Nothing special.

    Please allow me to know. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi I was considering using your EAs but I would like to understand which Forex VPS are great to use? I gonna utilize two or one MT4 platforms. Nothing particular. Please let me know. Thanks!
    Hey Rogelio,

    that I have no idea who has a decent VPS nowadays. . .for a platform or 2, there are probably a lot of excellent providers.

    I'm currently working through the practice of a establishing a custom solution.

    Sorry. . .can't actually help out in such regards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote As you can see out of my trade explorers on HybridVehicle: HERE HERE These projects are still in the works. Difference? Well. . .there is 2 different logics for tripping but based on the very same movements(ish)... Where Hybrid is a little more aggressive in the primary tripping, Hybrid ET comes with an extra tripping methodology that plays a little more like Revolution. What dies this mean? Well. . .it's like this... Evolution has ben...
    Thanks for the detailed explanation.

    So am I correct in supposing that your Magic 7 pairs are E/U, G/U, A/U, E/J, G/J, G/A, E/A ...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank You for the detailed explanation. So am I right in supposing that your Magic 7 pairs are E/U, G/U, A/U, E/J, G/J, G/A, E/A ...?

    Now. . .in saying it does not indie that additional pairs might not do as well.

    If you examine other pairs, that isn't a bad idea, you might choose to take this exact same egy HERE

    there's something to be said for diversifiion and profitability, but it requires some testing and drilling down into more specifics.

    The very simple idea that all these left default functioning on most of pairs, when all pairs don't exactly move in the very same ranges or have the exact same economic impact, wouldn't really be a reasonable and accurate evaluation. Appliion of the ideas can pass, where the profitability if suitably modified, could produce a lot better outcomes.

    Or. . .pick a pair, a couple of pairs. . .apply these to a single account using a larger lot size start and larger profit range...

    Or. . .Set that the Magic Number to Zero and you take a primary trade, activate the EA and let it grid out you.

    Lots of different ways that it is possible to apply their only limitation is the way you decide to work together.

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    I may have just picked the wrong pairs (or wrong time) to test. Currently, -1,150 pips in drawdown with the Hybrid NN nearly all of that is on USD/CHF and USD/JPY

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