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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Assessing the Hybrid EA on the very same pairs that Majix is analyzing the Rev NN - scarily good One little thing I noticed - that the EURNZD is a little bit of dud pair - that the rest work well, can not explain it only my observation in a very short quantity of time. I only pick that out because most of the others perform great so far. Great work Majix et al
    I don't believe there's such thing as dud pair together with all the EA's logic. Provided a bit mooooreeee period (and equity), I think that it does all work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yikes, let's hope the recuperate. Quite a drawdown. HybridNN. picture
    That is really not much at all, even RevNN which looks like the cheapest DD so much has been over $500 in DD. You actually need at least 1k, probably 3k to be secure from margin call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That is not much in any respect, even RevNN that seems to be the lowest DD so much has been around $500 in DD. You actually need at 1k, likely 3k to be safe from margin call.
    I guess a lot of people would be reluctant to invest 3k in a bot that's barely in testing . . Don't you think?
    Also, in case you've got a $500 DD and your initial investment is $500 it pretty much means there's something wrong, and your egy is faulty, just stating ...

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    Within another round, someone will come in and said manual trading is the way to go! Can not trust them robots!

    We have heard it all people! XD

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    Hey men,

    Forget robots and ea's....manual trading (pure price action) is your way to go!

    btw, great thread.
    I have only installed Hybrid into my vps. . .and testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yikes, let's hope the recuperate. Quite a big drawdown. HybridNN. picture
    Agreed... I'm in the exact same situation with USD/CHF as you seem to be with EUR/NZD... Two transactions opened yesterday that are -140 pips and 3 more yesterday evening that are -100, for a total of -240 pips floating on this pair.

    From what I could gather, the EA seems to trade reversals, correct? If it gets faked out, it then trades at another potential reversal point to average out the original loss... that begs the question - what happens when it gets faked out several times in a row?

    Not meaning to be overly critical here. I appreciate you sharing your hard work, .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. Bit of a newb question, but what exactly are these EAs performing - what's the egy?
    2. What are the principles for the EA in relatively simple (non-code) terminology?
    3. Is there a particular article or thread I could be directed to if the info is there?
    1. The egy...

    Attached is a Histogram Edition of the CCI indior. CCI measures distance from price to a Moving Average - Oscillator.
    Plot this on any timeframe, select whichever values you want. . .only with it as a visual representation...
    What you may see is that the histogram moves over and below the Centre Line - ZERO - and also tends in a way. . .until market reverses. Given that this continuously oscillates above and below, we look to the simple idea for this.

    As price is peeking back towards the Zero Line, from Below we search for opportunities to take long positions.
    As price is tending back to the Zero Line, from Above we search for opportunities to take short positions.

    Given that this EA is set to an M1 chart, the Central Line is a Weekly Median and we could trade inside of a wider range. . .recognizing the tendency is one piece of logic, as in, is market currently short or long. . .recognizing when there's market weakness is a second bit of the logic and triggering out is your past.

    Because of what we have accomplished with Evolution after which Revolution, Hybrid has taken the best ideas of both, strove to Maximize the profiting as well as increase the probability of succeeding in exit logic.

    2. Proprietary.

    3. You will find breadcrumbs throughout the thread and also a lot in my 17,000 other articles.

    This has been a very long time in the making...a lot of pieces to put together and not ideal. . .but certainly getting better!

    I have stretched out the chart to get ranges, through moving this to an M5 to ch the week on GBPJPY. . .it's a fantastic example of what's actually occurring. . .not something that you can not see by playing together and analyzing at home. . .but if you seem, left to right you may see:
    1. Shorts with profitable sticks - Crimson Box.
    2. Buffer - No Trade Zone - Yellow Box
    3. Longs with profitable sticks - Green Box.
    4. Buffer - No Trade Zone - Yellow Box.
    5. Longs to close out the week - Market Short - Trade towards weekly Median.

    That is done via Market Range - there isn't any clock built into the trades - Foreign Se. . .but there's some delay based on motion.
    That's the last bit of the puzzle...

    Kinda generic...I realize. . .but ya know...a fella must keep a few secrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello guys, totally noob here, I just came from BO so im trying to ch on. Sorry to ask basic things. Tried to reside test RevNN using a 1000 account in 6 pairs but only opened 1 trade and keeps stating - Not enough money. Standart settings. Can I modify something? Or it requires a bigger account? Cheers
    Check available leverage.
    If less than 500:1, probably not going to see a lot of trades.

    And. . .probably not going to be that successful with some of my M1 logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I suppose a lot of people would be reluctant to commit 3k at a bot that's hardly in analyzing . . Do not you believe? Furthermore, for those who have a 500 DD along with your initial investment is $500 it means there's something wrong, and your egy is flawed, just stating ...
    Hey Chris, welcome to FF.

    A lot of people SHOULD BE reluctant to enter into the Forex Arena. . .but that doesn't really stop them.

    As of the last statistics I've noticed, there are almost 2000 new Forex Accounts PER DAY...I'd guess that there are probably as many who crash and burn on the same times as well...

    I really do agree that $500 DD on a $500 investment leaves a lot to be desired. . .but that doesn't indie that these cannot be used on a $500 account.

    Risk can be minimalized by commerce pair and by leaving the default configurations, Most specifically - Sort Lot - Fixed.

    I'd hazard a guess that on some of the restricted range pairs, this wouldn't give fast growth, but might provide you a greater return than what the banks give at a savings account...

    That being said, it's suggested to have at least $500/pair and at a minimum of $2k from the account and adhere with the Magic pairs.

    If you have a look at my TE on Evolution - HERE - it demones that given that as a account beginning dimensions and increasing the lots proportionally into the Margin hasn't run to the pant shitting, dear Gawd, what have I done amounts. . .though. . .50% on this account was a given risk area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey men, Forget robots and ea's....manual trading (pure price action) is the thing to do! btw, fantastic thread. I've just installed Hybrid into my vps. . .and testing.
    Welcome to the thread, dude.

    Feel free to bring a TE, I maintain all our current thread testers on the first article. . .will get this up to date within the weekend.

    The further information - Pairs and Brokers - that the more successful we could be as a team.


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