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    Hi Majix etc..

    The EA tests seem great - I love the part of crowdsourcing.

    Bit of a newb question, but exactly what are these EAs performing - what's the egy? What are the principles for the EA in comparatively simple (non-code) terminology?

    Can there be a specific post or thread I could be led to if the info is there?

    I always like to understand what the EA do before I use them.

    Many thanks

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    Hello men, completely noob here, I just came from BO so im trying to grab on. Sorry to ask fundamental things.

    Tried to reside test RevNN using a 1000 account in 6 pairs but just opened 1 trade and keeps stating - Not enough cash. Standart settings.

    Can I modify something? Or it needs a account?


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    Opened a new $1k account, and loaded up Hybrid NN. It is trading with the 5 pairs, and additionally using amount start lot. This is supposed to be another test that is interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Beast! image
    interesting outcomes. Let us hope they last!

    Is there some rationale behind the pair selection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote interesting results. Let's hope they last! Is there any reasoning behind the pair choice?
    Every pair except CHF, for no reason whatsoever lol.

    The consequence for 1.2 SumStart ai not bad either.

    But it ai not even a week yet so, a lot to watch. .

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    Assessing the Hybrid EA about the same pairs which Majix is analyzing the Rev NN - scarily great

    One little thing I noticed - that the EURNZD is a bit of dud pair - that the rest work nicely, can't explain it but just my observation in a very short amount of time. I just pick out that because all others perform great up to now.

    Excellent work Majix et al

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    Hey All,

    Just checking in...

    However off for a few more days, maybe back on the Weekend, if not Monday(ish) to get all caught up.

    Crazy Looking Equity Curves on the Hybrids.

    No Open Trades. . .some profits. . .Great Fucking Start!

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    Yikes, let us hope the recuperate. Quite a drawdown. HybridNN.

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